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Thursday gone and so are the 8" Dunny's

Well, Thursday gone and we sold out of the Pink 8" dunny, only 1 of the Black one left, and its sitting by itself looking lonesome. I have to thank Thomas for helping us sell out so quickly, he spread the word through the Kid Robot & Octane 3 forms, you should check out his customs, his work can be found at , his work really is marvellous and were pretty glad we snapped him up as our sponsored artist before anyone else did.

Kid Robot 8" Dunny Tristan Release

Its been to long now since Kid Robot released a 8" Dunny and this one, 2 actually from Tristan Eaton is sure not to disappoint. Thursday morining at 10am sees the latest Kid Robot release, 2 colourways from Tristan Eaton, the pink & black dunny go on sale at the same time, it comes with a lil cute fatcap for all you collectors.

Seasons Greetings

Xmas has gone and we have stuffed the turkey big style. Now its SALE time indeed, and what do we have for you, well i'll tell you. Carhartt 50% offFHI 50% offMHI 50% offAddict 50% off10 Deep 50& offAbsurd NYC 50& offYou get the drift, not just that, we have a special paintdeal for you 7 cand for £19.99, this is the cheapest paint deal in Sotland Guaranteed.