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Kid Robot Overflow

Continuing our Kid Robot theme this week and because we just got a massive 49 box delivery in I thought I would pick a few of my favourite Kid Robot items that we sell in the shop while I climb over them all. You just can't help but like the Mega Munnys ! Also thanks to Katy Perry lting in a bundle of them these little 12-inch, super comfy Yummy Donut cushions are ultra popular! Lastly, my personal favourite... Vasily the Grumpiest Walrus  the awesome plush 16-inch Russian nuclear sub commander. Have a nice weekend folks!

It's a Munny old World

We get lots of people in the shop asking about customising Munny's , what they can/can't use, what gives the best finish etc. The simple answer is that anything goes! The first port of call should be the Kidrobot forums, a friendly and helpful bunch who should be able to help you with pretty much any query you have, they are also happy to give feedback (mostly positive) if you post pics of your own custom munnys. For inspiration, you can check google images , or trawl through the Kidrobot Flickr pool and be awestruck with the awesomeness of the work! The Galleries on the forum are not bad too, best thing to do is check out people's websites (links can be found at the bottom of their forum posts), here you will find that one hundred hours of work is not uncommon for a top notch custom job. Here's a few of my favourites... For a clean finish, spray paint is good, but takes the patience of a saint not to touch it before it's completely dry, sand (using fin

Recoat is 3

The Recoat Gallery in Glasgow's West End will be three, this coming Friday, and to celebrate they are having the launch night for their latest exhibition, Hat Trick. Featuring work from there latest expedition around Europe, Fools Gold, and including artists, illustrators and designers from each of the countries they visited. They will have the first viewing of Inkie and Insa's new mural in the archway next to the gallery (previously filled by the abstract stylings of She One ) and the exhibition will have painting, prints, custom kicks and the premier of their tour documentary. Syrkus and Rekor have brought some of the hottest graffiti artists, illustrators and muralists to Glasgow in their three formative years and have built a reputation for exceeding the expectations of many. Get yourself down there on Friday (or visit the exhibition until the end of August) and support local, independant business in Glasgow . Good luck to Recoat and here's to the next three year


KAWS Gallery opening at the Adlrich Contemporary Art Museum in CT KAWS Museum Exhibit Opening from Paper Fortress on Vimeo . Here at Fat Buddha we love the work of the artist KAWS and his quirky twist on popular cultural icons such as The Smurfs and The Simpsons, and now he has a full exhibition of his work over in New York. This first solo museum exhibition of the work of Brooklyn-based artist and designer Brian Donnelly, a.k.a. KAWS, includes his most recent paintings, sculptures, and drawings, as well as a survey of his iconic street art, apparel, product and graphic designs. Runs: June 27, 2010, to January 2, 2011 Fraser.

Unknown Pleasures.

Unknown Pleasures is English post-punk band Joy Division's debut album, released in 1979 through Factory Records. The front cover image comes from an edition of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, and was originally drawn with black lines on a white background. It presents successive pulses from the first pulsar discovered, PSR B1919+21—often referred to in the context of this album by its older name, CP 1919. The image was suggested by drummer Stephen Morris and the cover design is credited to Joy Division, Peter Saville and Chris Mathan. The back cover of the album contains no track listings, leaving a blank table where one would expect the listings to be. The original release came in a textured sleeve. Now 30 years later Carhartt has come out with their own spin on the famous album graphic and here at Fat Buddha we have just got this shirt in! Of the latest Carhartt Summer drop this is easily my favourite t-shirt and it's already sold steady in the shop. Fraser.


We're a big fan of Jeremyville here at Fat Buddha , his work appears on so many of the products we stock. Jeremyville is an Australian artist, designer, illustrator and producer, with his cute, yet strangely weird characters appearing all over the place it would be hard to miss his work over the past few years! His illustrations have his characters appearing in strange fantasy worlds, often to promote other brands, like here with Hello Kitty . If you pop into the shop and are browsing our massive art and design book section, be sure not to miss this little gem from the man himself. Kidrobot has called upon Jeremyvilles unique stylings on a number of occasions and as well as unique figures like this one , you may also be lucky enough to pull a J.Ville Dunny from the blind box series' that he's been involved in. One of the latest additions to the store has been this little Love Bunny plush figure , cuteness in bucketloads!

We Love Posca

Posca markers have been in the shop for a while but it wasn't until Matt Jones AKA Lunartik  came to visit the shop that we really appreciated how popular these little paint markers where. He created a few awesome doodles on our window for us on his Custom Tea Tour and told us a bit about Posca and how he uses them. Check out a few videos featuring the shop on his website, here . The markers are really just that good and we recommend them to everyone looking for a good paint marker. With such variety in colour and nib size you just can't beat them. They are water-based markers that produce opaque, vibrant colour and writes on Paper, Plastic, Glass and Fabric. Widely recognised within the artistic community as being perfect for creating unique designs and extensively utilised within the Automotive industry. If you need to be convinced more, check this out!


A few months ago a good friend of mine asked to film me and as part of a college project he was doing on street art in Glasgow. The premise was to make a 6 minute documentary on street art and graffiti in the city of Glasgow. Looking into the artist's and council's point of view, as well as the art galleries that support it and shops that sell the materials. Big thanks to Ewan and the rest of his team. Fraser.

Viral Ads

It's amazing to think that viral ads (you know the ones that appear on youtube and your friends send you a link too) have only been around for such a short time - the creativity is immense! Here's one I just came across and a couple of older ones... Becks Beer with DJ Cheeba Mark Ecko tagging Air Force One (the presidents plane) - this was to promote his graffiti video game - he ended up getting quite a bit of a backlash over this hoax. It did the trick though, lot's of coverage for him, his game and his brand - any publicity is good publicity! Ronaldhino's ad for Nike has had millions of views - camera trickery or sick skills??? the argument carries on, I'm pretty sure they sold quite a few pairs of those golden boots off the back of it though! Fraser and I were talking about this one in the shop today...again it's Nike hitting all the right notes for their SB's - good tune, sick skateboarding, cameo's aplenty and a nice ending. I&#


People today don't realise how good they've got it, with loads of manufacturers producing amazing products and nice retailers (like us) selling them or even delivering them to your door ! Back in early eighties it wasn't as easy to get hold of good art materials that were versatile enough for the needs of graffiti and street artists. Enter KR, who had the same problem, and after spending a majority of the nineties in San Francisco experimenting with various inks (and ways of dispensing them), he returned to his native New York and with the help of the crew at Alife, he started KRINK . The company now ships worldwide and keeps drip happy artists happy in every continent with it's ethos of creative tools for creative thinkers . Craig "KR" Costello not only believes in his product, but has reached cult status with his drippy artwork, which has seen him working with brands such as Nike , Kidrobot and even BMW Mini. He has a huge following and people fl


Air Max 90 This is the one you and half the Nike Buying heads around the world have been waiting for, the reissue of the Nike AM90 Infrared.Introduced in 1990 as the Nike Air Max III, the Nike Air Max 90 turned more heads with an even larger visible air unit and greater stability and cushioning. It has been re-released as a retro version with an immeasurable amount of colourways and themes. Check out Air Max 90's and other Nike sneakers at Fat Buddha Store or our friends in Sneaker Things Fraser.

Weather the storm.

Is this all too familiar? Do not fret friends, fatbuddha has you sorted out. We stock a great range of jackets and hoodies that will battle the rain with you. check the out here in our jacket section . Fraser

Vans: California Style

Living in Scotland you're constantly faced with the changing of the weather. It goes from being a blizzard to hail to a heatwave in the space of an afternoon. One minute its sunny, the next its torrential rain, you get the picture. Despite this dilemma of the wearther, i'm never EVER in any doubt over what to wear on my feet. I'm literally obsessed with Vans , especially the Authentics, Eras and Slip-Ons (perfect for driving in) - So you can imagine my excitement when I read this cool article on the History of Vans . Be sure to check out here for the shops Vans footwear section Fraser.

Comfortable Art

Our Click for Art section of the website has always been popular, in store too. The cushions are just the best things invented and its not only the art thats fantastic! Designed by the worlds leading artists and ilustrators Constructed of super soft faux suede Only printed one side Each has a feather filled inner Only 250 of each design and each cushion comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Covers are printed in non-toxic waterbased inks These are some of my faves from the range and the first belongs to one of the best (and very cute) artists about just now, Tara McPherson . We have a couple more in store than the website so if you are local please pop in to see them all. We also have a small selection of Cup/Saucers available to here .
As for great songs, it doesnt get much better than this, The Faces with Stay with me, i have played this album to death. My love of The Faces comes from a guy Jamie Nixon, who i used to work with at Flip back in the day, he played Rod Stewart and the Faces relentlessly, so here it is.


Nixon  do a wide variety of items but for us here at Fat Buddha  its all about the watches. Great style, great quality mixed with wonderful colours and a great customer support. You can spot them a mile away, check these out. Featured above from left to right: - Newton Newton Digital Vega Time Teller P We do many more in our watches section of the website so have a good look. Also, because they are awesome, we got the Icon Belts in too, available online and in store.

Hello Kitty Star Wars?

If you are a regular follower of the blog, you will no doubt know that Fat Buddha owner, Leslie, is a Star Wars nut - if it's got anything to do with the Sci-Fi blockbuster he wants to know about it! I came across these little cuties and as we already stock Hello Kitty , these will fit in nicely to the shop....shame they are only a concept (by New Zealand's Joseph Senior ) at the moment, but hopefully the people who built the multi-billion dollar Hello Kitty brand will see sense and get these on the shelves asap!

FAQ's - What Paint???

Carrying on our series of frequently asked questions that we get in the shop, over the phone and by email on a regular basis today we will be covering paint, spray paint to be precise. We carry a lot of paint in the shop , from the best brands in the world, and we try to keep everyone happy by stocking premium brands in a wide range of colours and finishes. A question we are guaranteed to be asked almost every day is 'what's the best (spray) paint?' . A simple question, but a subject which could fill a book, so this blog post will be a quick(ish) summary... What are you painting? The paints we carry are very versatile and go on pretty much any surface, although it will soak right through paper and will crack if applied to fabric. Almost everything else is good to go - concrete, brickwork, wood, metal, plastics etc. (some surfaces may require primer which is available at any good car spares shop). It's not just graffiti artists that use spray paint, we have artist

Viva Espana

Congratulations to Spain on winning the 2010 World Cup last night. Fraser.

Nike, Nike, Nike

Do we sell Nikes.....yes we do....loads and loads of them! So many in fact that we are having to get a new display built for them. In the mean time, you can check them out online or come down to our Glasgow shop and see how many we have. There are sure to be a pair that tickles your fancy... These are just about the hottest dunks you can get at the moment and blogs all over the place are buzzing about them. The dunk high Urban Haze are available to buy from our online store now. We've had quite a few different colourways of the Nike Air Mogan's in during recent months, but Nike have trumped the lot of them with their latest offering. The white/varsity purple Air Mogan are not a pair for the shy retiring type, but they will get you noticed! Finally for those who like to rock it old school stylee, we have the Air Structure Triax in black/ink colourway. An retro style brought up to date with a slick colourway.

900th Post!

Whoa, this is the 900th post...that's a whole lot of info, chat and pictures about all the things we (Leslie and the staff) love and enjoy. Highlights over the years (now nearing 4!!) have included * DJ Jazzy Jeff popping in while on a visit to Glasgow * Paramore thinking the store is AWESOME! * Lunartiks Tea Tour * Kickass Kidrobot products we've seen * Calum G aged 12 Here's to the next 900!

There can only be one.


The Little Watch You See On The Plane

Breo watches are the little sports watches that you see on the plane brochure but they never have in stock. Also featured on the Gadget Show as well as the Evening Times newspaper. Well, we do have them in store and online here . We have the Roam online and in store: -    LCD Screen Ultra Light at 10g 25 Colours - Including Glow in the Dark Soft Feel Natural Rubber User Replaceable Battery Water Resistant 10M We now have the new Venture available in store: - Analogue Face Ultra Light at 10g 10 Colours Soft Feel Natural Rubber User Replaceable Battery Water Resistant 30M  We also have 1 little Skin watch left, in store only so if anyone likes it come get it quick!