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New Brand: Sunspel

Here at Fat Buddha Store we welcome heritage British brand Sunspel who since 1870 have perfected the art of several universal wardrobe foundations. The imprint is known for their iconic simplicity, fine craftsmanship and eye for detail. Sunspel was founded by Thomas Arthur Hill who was born in 1822, the 11th of 12 children, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. His father, John Pinkerton Hill, was a hosiery maker in Nottingham and Thomas followed his father into the hosiery and lace trade. The beginning of the Industrial Revolution ushered in the era of steam and the move from cottage industries to the mass production set ups we see today. Thomas Hill was no Luddite and hearlty imbraced the new technology of the era. Thomas Hill was not only one of the great early British industrialists but also a fabric innovator. His vision to create simple, everyday clothing from beautiful fabrics continues to be the Sunspel philosophy to this day. Thomas Hill opened