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Pasta Del Capitano 1905 - Brand Profile

The first toothpaste introduced in Italy in 1905 was Pasta del Capitano Original Recipe. It quickly gained notoriety for its distinctive flavour, which combines carnation, spearmint, and cinnamon leaves to give users a clean breath and a self-assured smile.  The reason this toothpaste became an instant hit in 1905 was its paste- like consistency. Until the beginning of the 20th century, teeth were brushed with tooth powder which was not always convenient in practice.  These toothpastes gain from the addition of organic mint and Sulfetal Zn, a zinc-based formula that delays plaque and tartar formation, inhibits microbial growth, and aids in the prevention of bad breath. The tubes are made with PBL, are entirely recyclable, and contain no aluminum. Excited to share that we now stock Pasta Del Capitano toothpaste, toothbrushes and chewing gum in store and on-line !

Get ready for winter with Fjallraven

  Get ready for winter with Fjallraven   With the upcoming months of November, December, Jan.... well all of them, we want to stay toasty, and Fjallraven can provide that with their range of warm sweatshirts , outerwear, and accessories for both women and men.       What is it about Fjallraven ? They are well known for their family of kankens backpacks and accessories but today I want to introduce you into their newest outwear. Fjallraven has been walking with nature for over 50 years, creating timeless durable jackets that make any outdoor or trekking experience great.   Despite the fact that synthetic padding typically prevails in cold and wet weather, down is an excellent insulation material. You'll find two types of synthetic padding in the jackets below, G Loft Supreme Micro loft; both will keep you toasty. Since it's officially hat season as well, we can offer you plenty of hats from our store, pom pom? no pom pom? we've got you covered! Here at Fat Buddha Store w

Dark Seas x Poler Collaboration

  The UK arm of the Dark Seas clothing family, inspired by coastal explorers and their lifestyle are proud to introduce a collaboration with the creative mind of Poler ; a lifestyle brand that makes practical outdoor gear for all types of people and adventures.    Let me introduce Poler to you; born in 2010 stands by making practical gear for travelers, couch surfers, regular surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, oh you name it. While also being an environmentally friendly company, trying to do their best to use recycled polyester. Dark Seas has stepped beyond the box to create timeless designs that are motivated by the inextricable pull of the ocean on the human spirit. This fun and creative collaboration brings us a funky cyclops print that we can find on a caps, beanies, t-shirts and hoodies.   Last but not least, this smashing truly reversible Dark seas x Poler Poncho with pockets and trims on both sides. Unsnap and use it as a blanket, or snap it back up to use as a po

SUBU - Brand Profile

  SUBU is a brand-new type of footwear that combines functionality and aesthetics. SUBU , born 2016, in Japan, where sandals are far more than just shoes, they are a part of their culture and tradition. They make unique indoor and outdoor sandals that are comfortable and cosy.  The moment you put on shoes, the entire universe becomes instantaneously accessible. Shoes from laid-back days, neighborhood excursions, and fresh air from a leisurely mountain trip.  By adding an unexpected amount of warmth and comfort, a robust sole needed for the outdoors, and an innovative, streamlined design to their concept, SUBU elevates it to a whole new level. Inspired by their concept, SUBU takes it to a whole new level. The release of 'Nannen' in 2021 became a loved product by many, a sustainable 100% recycled PET Nylon fabric, inner made ECOPET polyester, regenared celloulose fiber Bemberg and 20% blend of recycled polystyrene for the sole, it's what the whole sandal is made from. They

Donegal Socks - Brand Profile

  While I am away home (to Donegal) this weekend, I thought no better time than now to post about this.  Donegal   hosiery is located in Glenties, a lovely small town on Ireland's North West coast, encircled by the Bluestack Mountains.  For hundreds of years, the town of Glenties has been associated with the production of socks and knitwear. In reality, the film 'Dancing at Lughnasa,' starring Meryl Streep and scripted by Brian Friel, is based on the town of Glenties, where the Mundy sisters, who inspired the play and film, made living knitting socks for the local industries.   Socks from Donegal , Ireland are the one-of-a-kind end result of a family business that specialises in the production of traditional wool socks in Donegal tweed c o l o u r s . In the patchwork tapestry of colour that is Ireland's Donegal , the jagged patterns of mountains and moor merge with colours of the untamed sea and blue sky. People come from all over the world to find serenity, t

Napapijri - Brand Profile

NAPAPIJRI - a Italian brand with a sort of a Finnish name, a Norwegian flag as its logo. It's known for its great selection of clothing accessories and footwear.  Fun fact: In Finnish, the word 'napapirii' means 'Arctic Circle', Napa means 'Polar' and 'Piiri' means circuit of circle. In 1987, an Italian travel bag manufacturer created Napapijri in the heart of Europe's tallest mountain, Mont Blanc. By fusing cutting-edge materials and meticulous attention to design, Napapijri gave outdoor clothing a whole new meaning. Inspired by the elegance of the century's greatest missions and the daring explorers who turned their lives into extraordinary trips. The original Bering Bag, which was our initial product and quickly became a mainstay, encapsulated this in a little over 60 centimeters of length. Design: Merging Italian design and outdoor function   Although the Norwegian flag can seem like a mystery, but the flag is a nod to the great Norwegi