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Goodstart Jones - Brand Profile

Paul Jones had an idea, a pretty simple idea, make great bags, and make great bagsd he does under the company ' Goodstart Jones ' aswell as bag they make all manner of carry items, from pouches to travel items. Anything that can carry stuff, they will make it, thats a good motto for us. Paul previously worked as a footwear designer, then moved onto making accesories for some big names and with this new found experience gave him the idea to maybe make his own bags, sometimes the crazy idea turn out to be the best ideas. Proudly making all his collection out of his  factory in Wolverhampton, a city with a rich industrial hetritage, Paul describes himself as a 'Maker' and in Wolverhamption,. you can make anything. Good Start is a mantra on how lto live life, from a Good Start in the morning to a Good Start in whatever you are doing, its to continually improve. We have selected a range of great Tote Bags, great for carting around your everyday carry, from shopping to grocer