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Blak - Freelance Graphics & Digital Design

Here we have a bit of an adevertorial for Blak, Glasgows own Digital & Graphic Designer, visit his site at , in his own words. blakarts is the portfolio of Glasgow based designer and artist blak. blak provides high impact visuals, branding solutions, artwork, illustrations and character designs for bars, clubs, events/promotions companies and the alternative youth/extreme sports market. having traversed the globe refining his art skills and developing his communication abilities, he now produces design work for select clients as well as limited edition artwork and clothing. A bit of history on blak reads as follows; Blak is an artist and designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Having traversed the globe refining his art skills and developing his communication abilities, he now produces design work for select clients as well as limited edition artwork and clothing. When not working, you will find blak drawing, skateboarding and spending time with his wife playing sc

Diamond x Hall of Fame “Un-Polo”

So keen on this. Fraser.

In The Cutts - The Hundreds

inthecutts- THE HUNDREDS from In The Cutts on Vimeo . Fraser.

Montana Gold in Stock NOW

Montana GOLD The perfect tool for creative artists! Our premium product line, MONTANA GOLD, is available in 182 radiant colors – from classic to fluorescent to shock shades – for everything the graphic artist’s heart desires. Easy to handle, almost odorless and with virtually no overspray, it is also drip-free, fast drying and 100% weatherproof, making it fade-free over many years. The GOLD cans accommodate all the MONTANA caps, and with their unique dual pressure system and variable spray widths provide great coverage and endless flexibility and creativity for ultra skinny to ultra fat art. A truly versatile system, for both indoor and outdoor use and suitable for numerous surfaces. Lead and CFC-free. Quality made in Germany that you can count on! Technical Information MONTANA GOLD LINE paint has an extremely short drying time and as such, can almost immediately be painted over with any other MONTANA product. This feature, along with the wide range of available col

Obey here for the Fall

Finally, after 3 years of trying we have managed to persuade the guys at Obey to let us stock the brand, the one brand i have really wanted for the store is coming in the Fall, online only, so be on the lookout for some Obey t's coming this fall.

Custom Vans video

Custom Vans shoes from Tim Ham on Vimeo . Fraser.

Montana Black Arriving This Week

At last, we will have a full colour range of a paint brand in by the weekend, from friday, we will have 102 colours of the new improved Montana Black. The pricing is great at £4 a can, wont be online for another few weeks, so only available instore till then, but at that price 'i predict a riot'. The new Montana BLACK High Pressure NC paint base formula. The superior can of it's class. Re-developed with 102 powerful, high coverage matt finish colors that can be applied to any surface. The ultimate fast painting experience with perfect control and handling. Winterproof! Optimal performance in cold climate. The new non-drip formula has short drying time, allows rapid re-application and overlapping with other colors immediatly. The new Montana BLACK enhances the properties of all cap types allowing you to make perfect lines, consistantly. Low noise for quiet application all packaged in the new-look, new generation Montana BLACK can. Non scented aerosol paint made to the highes

Bjork x Alexander McQueen

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010 Fraser.

Staple Design NYC - 400% Bearbrick

Staple Design NYC 400% Bearbrick, the greatest design company from NYC, this comes screaming at you at only £65 and is available here.

Shoko Nakagawa 400% Bearbrick

Landed instore this week we have the Shoko Nakagawa 400% Bearbrick, this lil baby is only £59, and available from our lil webstore here.

Famous Stars & Straps Coming Soon

This week sees our first delivery from the brand Famous Stars & Straps, we all know the brand, its a bit more Hip Hop these days, but sitting alongside The Hundreds & Rebel 8 it'll fit in just nice. Stock arrives this week, and will be online by next week here .



Wooster Collective

Nice piece here from the guys at Wooster Collective, check it here.

Vacancy Filled

Many thanks to all 172 folk that applied for the recent vacancy with us, the job has now been filled by long time 'Fat Buddha Blog' contributor Fraser. Fraser will be working instore, online on our Website, Ebay store & Amazon store, creating and uploading video footage of key lines. Fraser will also help with choosing new season product, developing our Social Media Strategy and walking Maisie, all that in only 20 hours a week, hows he going to manage.