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Outfit of the Week - Edwin, Converse

Today we present you the Outfit of the Week chosen by one of our staff member: Craig. In this outfit, he has only chosen two brands: Edwin Jeans and Converse . Two labels that have a character and history behind them. For the top, he picked the Longsleeve Terry Striped Tee in Washed Red/Black, a nice and soft made cotton t-shirt with a little patch at the 'unfinished' hem for the branding. Bottom wise, he has chosen the ED-55 Red Selvedge, a classic piece from Edwin Jeans. A robust and one of a kind pair of jeans finished with the red selvedge to give you that extra touch when you roll up your denim. For the accessories, we have the Democratique Socks from Edwin Jeans with those two stripes and Japanese writing, we also have the Kurt Beanie in black for those kind of bed head days even in summer. The choice of footwear has been easy, a classic silhouette from Converse: The Chuck Taylor 70's Hi in the nice and clean creamy colourway. All the products featur