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New Brand: Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes are fairly new to the perfume scene, but have gained a large following from the get go. Since 2011 the British scent specialist set out to create bespoke gender-free fragrances that react uniquely to each wearer, creating scents that change and evolve throughout the course of the day. Laboratory Perfumes ranges of scents are made using natural oils, taking inspiration from British wild life and old-fashioned perfume making techniques to create precisely blended scents. All fragrances and perfumes put the environment first, using social conscious, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. Laboratory Perfumes are against animal testing and only use the most natural essential oils in all of their products. The full range of Laboratory Perfumes fragrances is now available in store and online at Fat Buddha Store . Head in to the shop to find the perfect fragrance for you. -->

Carhartt WIP X Burton Collaboration

Carhartt WIP and Burton meet once again to create another range of Carhartt designed clothing in Burton’s technical fabrics. The collection forms a range of innovative pieces of clothing, engineered for spending time in the mountains. The ten piece collection features Carhartt’s classic workwear silhouettes, re engineered for outdoor performance. The collection sees the use of waterproofed double and triple layer fabrics that are sure to keep out cold and wet weather. The collection is available via Carhartt WIP directly. Shop the latest selection of Carhartt in store and online now at Fat Buddh a.

New Brand: Gramicci

A rock climber named Mike Graham, using and adaptation of his surname to sell his climbing gear under, formed Gramicci in 1982. At the beginning the sole focus of Gramicci was producing clothing for rock climbers, studying the human body and movement to tailor their garments for performance, durability and comfort. Gramicci’s first climbing pants and shorts featured crotch gussets and built-in nylon belts, to allow the wearer freedom of movement when climbing. These features soon became patented features of Gramicci products. This attention to detail has continued to be a focus of Gramicci’s over the past 30 years, making sure each of their products continues to innovate. Gramicci’s focus is to make no-nonsense clothing that states individuality and a sense of purpose. Gramiccis is now available in store and online at Fat Buddha .