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Edwin Denim Guide

Lets face it finding the right pair of denim's can be a nightmare. Denim's that look good on your friend, that guy in the street or in the online images we are bombarded with daily aren't necessary going to look good on you and with so many different styles and options on the market it can be hard to find the right fit for your shape, style, budget and size. Whether your tall or short, slim or larger different cuts won't look the same on different body shapes. In this guide we will look exclusively at premium Japanese denim imprint Edwin . The brand offer an ideal balance of styles from skinny to loose and from more traditional straight leg cuts to contemporary tapered fits. In each of the shapes we will look at below we stock a range of different washes from your standard indigos up to your premium red, white and rainbow selvage; so there should be a price point to suit your budget. Here we present a comprehensive guide comparing the different Edwin styles avail