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Cute as hell, but dumb as shit

God Bless America

Kikstyo Online Now

Kikstyo are our newest brand, we were going to stock them before Xmas but it didn't happen, 70% of the product has sold out already and dont think there is much more due in. We will be mainly stocking only the t/shirts as everything else is wayyyyyyyyy to expensive, the T/shirts aren't the cheapest but we have kept the price low.

Star Wars Funked Up

Photograper Cedric Delsaux has an amazing series of pictures of Star Wars characters in modern-day urban settings. These photos are startling in the fact that they are original to the extreme, never seen anything executed as well as these (well not this year anyway). Goto Cedrics site and check out some of his other work, all good and i will be posting the other 5 photos next week I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as i have, a lot of people hace critiqued them, all good though, if i was going to be buying an original photo think id contact Cedric and slip him a bag of chips, bottle of Irn-Bru and bobs your uncle.

Custom Kicks Book

Custom kicks is a book borought to you by Maki, published under laurence king. Maki is an innovative design & illustration studio based in Holland, run by Kim Smits and Matthijs Matt (made up name i think). They customise their own sneakers and whore out their services to companies and t/shirt designers. The book showcases the work of 140 artists and illustrators who have been invited to show their work, Dave 1 trick pony white is hear with the class battlefield. Lots of nice boring text but the beauty is in the images, great pictures and wonderful collection of great and a few not so great customs.

Sketch Pads Instock Now

Jimi Crayon Darbotz Dalek Esow All the 4 artist sketchbooks have 200 sheets of quality sketchpaper and only cost a pifling £9.95, yes only £9.95, these books are V.A.L.U.E for money. Monster sketch-books are heay duty cartridge paper, the old skool black-book, for all you graffers out there, £6.50 for A5 & £8.50 for A4

Zombie Dunny

Argentinean illustrator, Patricio Oliver, brings us a ghoul of a Dunny. Zombie Pet is kinda cute, if it wasn't for all the flesh eating. This GID, undead predator is made of translucent, blue vinyl and printed with glow-in-the-dark bones, for a distinctly ghoulish (but adorable) look. How much is that zombie in the window? Available now online at or come instore and hand over £30

More Kikstyo

Kikstyo instore

Flood Damage, clear-up commences

About 2 weeks ago we got a whole shit-load of water from the frigging cafe upstairs, the dafties had a plastic compression fitting that wasn't properly fitted, gravity is a bitch and the water poured into fat buddha, all cleaned up now BUT. We need to close for 4 weeks, to bring the ceilings down, dry out the joists and stick the ceiling back up again. You will ofcourse be able to shop online at , so, look forward to see you instore when we re-open and hope you like the subtle changes we will be making during hte closure.

Banner82 attack

Well, this week has seen us become victim to a nefarious SQL injection attack, those pesky folk hacking websites, brought our site down. My web guy asked me had i pissed anyone off or had any enemies that would want to bring the site down. Well, it was easier to work out who my friends were rather than enemies. So site is back, re-coded it, changed data input, stuck on some padlocks for good measure and we are back in action. , this is one heck of a site, the knowledge level here is pretty high and provided us with a starting point to fixing the site, but to be fair Brian at came up with his own take on hte matter and fixed the thing