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Who ya gonna call?

Fraser Spengler

David Choe in China

David Choe is currently in China painting, im hoping he can kick the hackers up the arse. This one mummy is amazing, click on for more detail.

Open again

Business is resumed, the pesky culprits came from china-land, they managed to infect a few servers, ours were clean, but precautionary measures meant we got closed down. So, today im in a chinese-web-hacker hate mood, shame on them, anyway, normal business is resumed, along with email support.

Site Down

Hey, the site will be down for most of this morning at least, the web server got hacked and as a precaution everything has been shut down. UPDATE , system scanned, clean, restarted and reinfected, so looks like it will be tonight at least, sorry. When all files have been scanned and verified as safe the site will go live again, sorry for the inconveniance. also, should have added the mail server is down aswell, so no email, so you can get me on shop telephone number 0141 332 2208
Hi guys, A few drawings which i manage to fit in on the train to and from work. Thanks, Calum.

Watcmen is bollocks

Last night at the flicks i lost 2hrs and 40 mins of my life, this is time i am never getting back, and for what, 'The Watchmen'. Bollocks, bollocks and more utter bollocks, anyone who says they liked this film is a fud, its terrible, if it wasn't for silk spectre id a been out of there, luckily my wife brought chocolate and boxes of cadburys chocolate fingers to keep me occupied. But if theres someone you hate or want to get back, tell them go see this and that its great, job done

Bbot defence system

I'm liking these guys, the t/shirts are pretty cool and reckon i'll sucumb at one point soon and stock the T's instore, unitl then visit their blog here.


Guess Whos Back? Fraser Kemp.

Mr Men Keyrings

For all the peeps who love the random pish we sell, here we have some Mr Men and Little Miss keyrings, a complete steal at only £3.99, made of pure heavy metal, perfect gift for the lady in your life (hint for al to buy Lena 1 or 2, or 3 or 4). Why do we sell all the random stuff, people ask, just stick to clothessome say, nope indeedy, its the lil stuff like this that makes the shop a bit more fun.

Clae Summertime Shoes

Clae was last years wintertime hot, sold out styles a plenty and loads of customers hunting for their fave style. This year we bring 4 shoes to you Miles in White, Cousteau in Umber, Russell in White, Thompson in Black, see them all here.

Cards aswell, Banksy has been busy.

Not happy with just Prints by Banksy, we asked him to knock up a few cards to us, and here you go, for you, Banksy Cards at the mouth watering price of £2, indeed, available here .

Batman Drunk Dials

Fraser Wayne
The Hundreds aswell as making rather fine T's, also do a stunning range of Snapback Caps, we picked the best 5 for you and as usual they come to here for only £25.


Interior designer Barend Hemmes was working as a bouncer 10 years ago when he doodled a motorcycle based on the Jaguar logo. A decade and £75,000 of his own money later, it's finally a reality. We think you'll agree it was worth it. All the working parts are encased in the fibre glass mould, with LEDs in the eyes and a headlamp in the mouth. While it's a one-off work of art rather than a production model, it has passed its MOT. So don't panic if you see it snarling at you in your rear-view mirror. Price: About £100,000 Fraser.

Banksy prints fro your Pad

To add to our collection of street art canvas's here , we bring you 5 new ones that were added to the website yesterday, these prints are a deep box and a snip at only £30.

More of The Hundreds Summer Range

Do The Hundreds make the best T/shirts from the states, yes, are The Hundreds consistent in churning out great prints, yes and are The Hundreds T/s only £30, yes to all 3. In Glasgow, we are the only guys selling The Hundreds, online we are the first (yet again) to have the new range available to buy here

Vans Instore & Online

Right, here we have 5 of the 6 new vans styles to land instore yesterday, have them photographed and online already here . Prices are as usual right on the money, delivery is as usual next day and all come in sizes 6-12 UK.

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New Campaign Anyone?

The Get Adam Buxton from Adam and Joe back on telly campaign. Some of the stuff he's been doing for youtube is hysterical. Ciao, that's all the rubbish from me for a week, Mark


My good friend Mr Graeme West of the Electronic Frontier Federation showed me this wee cartoon the other night, that takes the issues of this "credit crunch" and explains it in a very digestable form. Dig it: The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo . Now, what did we learn kids? Don't lend money to people who can't pay it back. It's the first rule of banking. If you're incredibly greedy, you'll ignore it. Mark

Carhartt for the weekend

Here we have some pieces from the Carhartt summer range, pretty much all online now, we have about 100 pieces online. Carhartt Clothing is our biggest and best brand, sizing comes up a lil neat so take that into account when buying.