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Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

Glasgow's museums, galleries, streets, bridges and hidden spaces will showcase the work of national and international artists when the biennial Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art returns from 16 April 3 May 2010, building on the critical and popular success of the 2008 Festival. Fraser.

Radiohead - Nude


Trim Phones

Trimphones, £35, lovely jubbly, buy them here.

New Brands Instore.

New brands for the store this month, we have 5, first up we have Wild and Wolf, they make retro telephones, namely the Trim Phone and its yours in many shades of colour, and all for only £35, the will be online later this week, but in the meantime, find them here. Next we have headphones from the Swedish company Urbanears, they make the headphones in many tasty shades of colour and the quality is amazing, one you have tried these you wont touch skullcandy (shitcandy) again. See them here. OTR - On The Run make the best pens, thats why Carhartt done the colab with them last year, they are great pens, great range of colours and we sell them like Greggs sell 'steakbakes'. See them here. Montana Black & Montana Gold will be online late this week, and its been selling rather well from the store, we have 102 colours instock, and 40 colours of gold, £4 & £4.50 per can, it does the job and does it rather well. Get it here. Fantstic & Co make great little retro robots

Create Fixed Gear Bikes

Apologies in advance if you are not a bike person but if you are, HOW good are these bikes from Create, the best looking bikes i have seen, absolutely gorgeous, they have manged to capture the Fixed Gear thing, and punk'd it up with some great colours. For £249 can you imagine anything better than rocking one of these into the summer, i can't and thats why i have my eye on the chrome one, to add to my other fixie. For the full range view them here.

Free Running Event

FREE ‘Freerunning’ event in Glasgow Know the Score are holding a Freerunning event in Glasgow – FREE of charge - on Friday, March 19 between 9.30am to midday at The Arc gym at Caledonian University, 70 Cowcaddens Road.. Freerunning (also known as parkour) was made famous during the opening scene of the James Bond movie Casino Royale. Since then, many young people have been getting involved and Know the Score are offering you a chance to see a demonstration of this unique activity and be trained by two of Scotland’s premier coaches. Freerunning is about moving through any environment regardless of obstacles. It's a non-competitive sport which combines physical strength, dynamism, endurance, critical thinking and risk assessment to move through even the most challenging urban environment. If you can’t make the Edinburgh event, we are holding other events across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Dumfries, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and Inverness. There are only 30 places per locat

Graffiti Artist Required

Our friends at Karbon nightclub are requiring some Graffiti Art done at the club, please call into store and speak to Calum, David or Fraser for details, please dont rock up to Karbon, we need to make sure your not a fanny first.

Airbrushes Yes / No

Looking for some feedback from all our readers. Been considering selling airbrushes and compressors for the past 6 months but cannot decide if i should or not, it would be only online due to space issues instore, as usual they will be well priced and we will have our usual speed service. Comments are appreciated, a simple YES or NO will do

Fat Buddha almost never was

Was clearing out folders on an old hard drive and came across his piece of artwork, when we were deciding on the name we were having dinner at a chinese restauant in Houston Texas. We had been buying vintage clothing for Flip in Dallas Tx, drove to Austin for the weekend and then drove onto Houston where we stopped at the chinese for dinner. Came up with 2 names, Fat Buddha & Black monk, asked our printer John to come up with 2 logos and we eventually decided on Fat Buddha, so thats the history of where the name came from. Fat Buddha started life as a T/shirt range in Flip, then called our company Fat buddha when we started distributing Belt Buckles for Silverstar & Rock Rebel. The store came shortly after and then the website. Logo without the orange face, at first it was going to be all white, but luckily we went with the orange.


Supreme 5 panel hats. Honest. Fraser.

Fixed Gear Bikes

Create bikes have evolved quite a bit over the past 18 months, this is the 3rd generation new improved 2010 version, 40mm rims give it a better look and the hubs are now sealed units which make it more reliable, the paint job is also improved, so all in all a better bike for £249. We have our first delivery next week and the chrome version will be in the shop window from next week. Cycling world gave it 7/10 and all reviews so far have been positive, it comes in either a 55cm or 59cm frame, so plenty of scope for riders of all sizes.


London in October. YESSSSSS Fraser.

Enemy of the world.

Essential listening at the moment. Summer is comin'... Fraser.



Breo Roam Watches Back In Stock

We have been doing these watches since 1843, well it feels like it, and you know what, they still sell aswell as they did back in the day, another delivery dropped through the big Fat Buddha letterbox the other day. All the colours and still priced at an unbelievable £10, and yes they can be bought from here.