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Bangkok Visit

Last October allowed me a visit to Thailand, a few days down the coast in Krabi, apparently the prettiest place in Thailand, but when its pissing down and it was, its a pretty dull place to be. The food was great, the red fish curry just amazing and the locals friendly as you could hope for. Cutting Krabi short due to my short attention span, thats OCD for you, me and Siobhan headed up to Bangkok to sample its wares. I shopped till i dropped, as per usual, dragging Sibon round all the markets, managing to resist the ping pong shows and all the ladyboys. Bangkok is a city that is vast, public transport ie the metro is clean, reliable, air conditioned and very safe, making it easy to navigate yourself round the sprawling city. From Locals in parks playing with swords, to visits to the local temples to visit big mo-fo Buddhas. Bangkok comes a close 2nd to Honk Kong as my fave city, i plan to spend anothe week here in March, going to the markets and tracking down some cool dress