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Deus: Winter 2022 - Some Key Looks

    Deus Ex Machina , which translates to 'god from the machine' burst into the cultural consciousness of Australia in 2006 with some tastefully customised motorcycles and the quaint idea that creating something is more fun than simply owning it. Deus ex is more than just a brand; it's a way of life. People respond favorably to the passion and openness that the company caries; With that short intro now over I would like to introduce you to some of my new favourites, these Winter 2022 items are all a bit more interesting than a lot of fashion items out there and ready for everyday use! Let's start with what Deus Ex do best and pick the best Automobile you will drool over, this set of images is a grown upo look at the Deus Ex Machina Clothing brand Now Deus Ex Machina step out into the new tech and of course they pick the best electric bike you can buy, this set of shots highlights some of the more technical product that Deus make, not really my bag, but there is a custo

Montane - Brand Profile

    History is jam-packed with inventiveness in the workshop, daring treks to the world's most inhospitable regions, amazing athletes who push the boundaries of what is possible, and long-standing alliances with the most rigorous endurance competitions. These components work together to create the tale of who they are and why they exist. Let me take you through Montane's timeline; 1993- ' Born on Expedition ' - Born in 1993, founded by direction Chris Roff and Jake Doxat who met on a 3 month expedition to southern Chile in 1989.      1997- 'Extreme Range' - Montane came out with the most now iconic products which are still used by professional and mountain rescue teams worldwide. 1998 - 'Eight Smock' -  A soft shell garment that brought the brand to prominence as a true innovator of 'bleeding edge' products. 1999- 'Feather lite Smock' - Pioneer of Feather lite clothing with the original super lightweight pack-able wind shirt. 2001 - &#

Cotopaxi - Brand Profile

 Coto what...? Cotopaxi! In reality, it said like its written. The godfather of the name of the sustainable company from Salt Lake City was once a volcano in tha Andres. We introduce the environmentally friendly company that creates vibrant outdoor necessities from leftover fabric and strives to improve the world a little? How? Let me tell you... The foundation of the brand's business strategy is giving. To charitable partners, which include global sposors like The International Rescue Commitee (IRC) and Mercy Corps, 1 percent of sales (or sometimes even more than 1% of earnigns) is given. However, the personell who operate the production facilities also run programmes and scholarships that help others who work there ''behind the scenes''. Corporation, adheres to independent ethical, social, and sustainable criteria and conducts each stage of production chain as ethcally and sustainably as feasible. The fundamental principle of founder David Smith can be summed up

KAVU - Brand Profile

KAVU 's formula for living and working is simple — build fun into everything you do. So that’s where they start. KAVU creates true outdoor wear , stylish bags , wallets , and other accessories so you can express yourself and spread your good-time attitude.  KAVU is also an aviation acronym for “clear above visibility unlimited,” when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and you can see to the horizon. That limitless feeling is their guiding philosophy and the attitude they bring to all they do. It means treating every day like it’s special, and then getting out and doing whatever invigorates you and makes you smile. That’s a KAVU Day. And they want you to have as many as you can. KAVU clothing is an expression of this approach to life. KAVU was born in Seattle in 1993. Back then, founder Barry Barr was selling the revolutionary Strapcap out of his car. Now, it’s a straight-up classic and KAVU is Local Worldwide. After all these years, they’re still stoked by the spiri