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We are Hiring – Come Work With Us

  We decided to write an honest job advert, with no flannel, so here goes. About Us We are a small family owned inclusive retailer that welcomes applications from all areas of the community & return to workers. Currently, we have a 60%/40% split in favour of female, our average age is 36 and have worked here for on average 7.5 yrs with no sickness in the last year. About You You should have a mature outlook, want to be part of a team, be looking for a challenging working environment (it can be a bit manic). You are able to juggle 6 balls in the air and not get flustered, will want to be pushed that extra bit and be willing to take on new skills and up skill yourself. Self-starters should apply, as we always promote from within, if you can't work at 100%, then this isn't the job for you (it's a small workplace with nowhere to hide). You need to be able to work at a fast pace, you should be the kind of person if they see a set of stairs; they would rather ta