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Swine Flu!

Just to let you know, you're all going to die from it. Or probably not. Aye, I think I'll be going with not. And that'll be the end of it. Probably start sleeping in a bubble just to be sure. Ciao, Mark

The Apprentice

I don't watch The Apprentice, I can't stand listening to the "business advice" of "Sir" Alan Sugar, a man who made crap computers and had all the demeanour of a used car salesman before the information age fell into his lap. (I think I should have used some more speech marks there, made a crappy "You're fired" joke. That would really have sent ol' Alan crying when he read this.) Anyway, I caught a bit of this show the other night, which I've never thought was any good. But this had me laughing. This is a breakfast cereal advert one of the teams came up with. Honestly. Would you honestly buy a cereal from a inflatable pedophile who roams your house shouting about berries and fruit in that annoying tone? Even better was the 'brainstorming' session where they came up with it. Pause it at 1:29 and that guy's face is what mine would have been like, but with fists swinging. No, wait, what are you doing? Don't applaud that! Don

Anyone For Chess (not the musical)

Anyone for chess, love playing chess, even though i am truly dreadful, the computer always beats me, but cant beat a sunday afternoon playing chess with a friend. Found this company Regency Chess who seem to cover all aspects and are the UK's No1 Chess Suppliers, they even supply Patrick Moore, so if that ain't reason enough. Visit them at

Rap Chop

Fraser Porter

Dante Horoiwa, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Knicked this Dante Horoiwa from Wooster Collective , remember we srock a full range of monster spraypaint in deals or singles at Fatbuddhastore

Nike Elite

Here we have the Nike Elite, a great runner and at only £45, its a steal indeed, dont sleep and just buy.

Cargo Cargo Cargo

More plugging that a socket convention-my publishing empire has taken the shape of Up and online in its very basic beta form (i.e. it's rubbish and we've nothing to sell) but we've been getting a very hot reputation in writing circles for upcoming hotshot Andrew Raymond Drennan's forthcoming novel "Cancer Party." So go check it out, keep checking back for novel related stuff and please support. Thanks, thanks, ciao, Mark

Tits say no to Labour

Money mone is in a huff about the 50p tax rate, its only 50p in every pound you earn over £150,000, not under, so she must be fully loaded, 50p for the super-rich indeed, right on. Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone has withdrawn her support for Labour in anger at its economic policies. The Scottish boss of the Ultimo bra empire said the UK Government's recent moves risked alienating business and damaging the economy. The 37-year-old branded the new 50p top rate of tax "a disgrace". Leading Scots QC Paul McBride also announced he had abandoned lifelong support for Labour and joined the Conservatives. Ms Mone, from Glasgow, told the Scottish Sunday Express newspaper: "I certainly don't mind paying more tax if the real benefits are being felt by schools, the health service, the elderly and businesses. "But to just come and ask for more money to throw away is crazy." She said it was not fair to punish all the UK's entrepreneurs who had oft


Don't sleep: Facebook search: Fraser Croll Let's Go!

Morrissey - 'Something is Squeezing My Skull' video

Morrissey -Something Is Squeezing My Skull Fraser.

Worst. Hoody. Ever.

Batman full-zip hoodie with eye holes Ah, finally the perfect sweatshirt for walking the streets at night. The $75 “Batman Full Image Full Zip-Up! Hoodie” by Lot 29 is sure to NOT creep anybody out when you zip the thing all the way up over your face and take the neighborhood watch concept to a whole new level. “But, Doug, how will I see with my sweatshirt zipped all the way up?!” you whine, defiantly. Through the magic of see-through mesh eye holes. Think of it as an unsettling two-way mirror into your local criminals’ souls. Caped Crusader? Maybe not. Awkward kid with his sweatshirt zipped up over his head, possibly with some mental issues? Absolutely. The hoodie can be purchased at, although they’re all sold out at the moment. Of course they are. Fraser Wayne.

Nike Air Paegasus 89

YEs, indeed, think i have found my first summer purchase, nice pair of khaki shorts and these great looking shoes, only £69 aswell, instore and online later today.

Tweet Tweet Biiiitch

Fraser (Tweet Tweet)

New Transformers 2 montage from Michael Bay

Fraser x

Nike instore

Just got these Nike Items instore, as usual, thers not many of them, and as usual i picked the best out of the range, priced from £20 to £35, the usual cheapness, click on the item to buy or visit us here.

Lunartik Coming Soon

Here we have a lil set of resin toys from the toymaster 'Lunartik', find out all about him here. They will be instore & online pretty soon and retail for £35, lovely looking pieces indeed.

Meaty fitted

Fraser x

Virtual Worlds

Dig this. Made over two and a bit years using software in the home and a spare million dollar or two, this little mini movie. World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo . Mark

Iron Lady....

We're now selling the fun/daft and oh-so-full-of-connotations Maggie Thatcher Nut Cracker. Nothing to add, it speaks for itself. Get one. Mark

Mr Chi City

I still don't know if this is a wind up/very good marketing campaign or whatever, but it is easily one of the funniest things I've seen. Presenting the totally unaware, unintenionally hilarious walking stereotype that is Mister Chi City. Mayne...well, at least I know multiple beverages impress the ladies now. Mark

Where did that guy who ranted all the time go?

Bad news, I'm back. And my name's Mark for future reference. Been failing a degree by wasting ridiculous amounts of time doing stupid stuff. Two more projects to go, but I'll be posting more regularly now. Incidently, if anyone's got some good academic material on cyberpunk/steampunk novels or the journalism of jazz, holla. Don't ask-it's a liberal arts degree, you end up doing stupid stuff like this all the time. Mark

Space Cockneys

Enjoy, Mark

Follow us on Twitter

A bit slow with this one, we have now joined the ranks of twitter, so pop by and follow us here.

Estum & Smug 'Gorrillas'

This is a slightly older one from Smug & Estum, but my fave to date, the detailing is up there with the best of them, and you need to see this in the flesh to truley appreciate its greatness.


Obviously these chunks of wax were inspired by BG’s signature paper airplane design. Expect these to drop during late summer in a variety of awesome colors. Fraser.

Happy Easter

What The Fuck is that? Fraser.

Smug & Estum Pics

Absolutely frightening, how good these guys are, the gorillas pics tomorrow are some of the best stuff you will see, all done in Glasgow, great great images. Smugs work can be seen on his Flickr here. Estums work can be seen on his Flickr here

The Ultimate Combo

Fraser Li



Fraser x

Complex Kanye West Cover

Kanye West for Complex Magazine: The Making Of from SWAY studio on Vimeo . Fraser.

Obey Shades

Obey Shades - perfect for Summer 2009. Cop these over at Overkill. Fraser x

Wii Weights

Wii Dumbell weights. Fraser.





More David Choe for you

Here we have another David Choe image, his stuff just gets better and better

Nice Kicks Air Yeezy tee


My Wet Dream!

Hi guys, I'm 17 this month... and that means one thing, learning to drive. Below are a few pictures of my dream first car (Golf MK1). I hate all the usual little boyracer cars, so the Golf will do me. It's a looker, and for a car that is sometimes more that 30 years old it's meant to quite nippy and have good handling. Thanks for reading, and have a nice Easter!

Munny makes the world go round


The Hundreds - BOMB!

The Hundreds has released a bunch of unique products but this takes the cake for sure. The Hundreds is releasing a limited number of actual bombs. These bombs are available at their SF and LA locations, these bombs are only allowed in certain states and are not available overseas due to the international law, you also have to be 25 or older to purchase. APRIL FOOLZ? Fraser Bomb.

Air Yeezys (Black/Black)

Kanye West’s signature sneaker is going to drop Saturday, May 2nd at House of Hoops, and NYC’s 34th St. Foot Locker and Footaction. So start saving cash and stay tuned as more details about availability develop. $215 is pennies haha. These are fuckin' unreal! Fraser.

Creature “Ripper” Bottle Opener

So cool. Creature are def in my top 3 skate brands. Fraser Koston