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Legendary Grog Ink , Just a few tags. Thanks for viewing my pictures Calum

New Air Structure Triax 91 Drops In-Store

Look what we just got instore! Brand new Nike Air Structure Triax 91's in a new colourway. Really limited sizing due to the rarity of this 1990 reissue-a classic shoe in classic early 90s acid house colours. And ridiculously comfy. Probably why it's in every streetwear collector's wardrobe. £80 these wee beauties are, in the shop now, soon to be online. Size 7 to 11 UK...catch them while they're hot. Mark

CC: Jacqui Smith

Jacqui Smith, harbringer of doom and dodger of expenses claims, is at the forefront of the database plan for the UK. What this means is an attempt to file all data about emails, phone calls, text messages, carrier pigeons etc. So a great new protest has kicked off for this. Government wants your emails? Send them all of them. On June 15th, "cc" every email to the home office-presumably this will cause a bit of an issue for number ten's servers. Privacy is worth standing up for...try the website at CCJacqui Smith or the Facebook group. Mark

Like Kryptonite...

...only Kryptonate. Nate Robinson over Superman Dwight Howard at the NBA Dunk Contest this year. Anybody in basketball has seen this, for those not in the know, this is a 5 foot 9 man jumping over a 6 foot 10/11 center. Spud Webb, eat your heart out.

Wee Madin

Bit of a sports theme going on today, first up, the amazing Madin Mohammad. French-Algerian and with a host of tricks-remind you of any headbutting, midfield genius from that part of the world? Zidane wisnae bad-this kid is six years old. Six. Honest. Mark


by Upper Playground. Fraser.

Skatestuff online & instore

Finally got round to sticking some skate stuff online , took some good pictures, got some new stock and bobs your uncle, only had skate stuff instore for a year before sticking it online, me bad. We won't be stocking a lot, ever, we are not a skate store, 24 decks, 24 wheel sets, 12 truck sets max, thats all we will do, but as you know we will keep the prices keen. Buy a deck get griptape FREE (standard) But Buy a deck, wheels & trucks; we give you FREE bearings, FREE, Bolts, FREE Griptape, now thats a saving of £15. Complete Fracture set-up for £60, job done.


Hi guys, i was out painting again and have loads of pictures. The word was TER but i found the looked in a french graffiti Mag Called Blazer so i take no credit for them. I thought they were awesome so i gave it a go. I was using Monster paint , Old school pink, and baby blue and a clash can of some kind of purple. I was going for a kind of block peice to fill maximum area, and i think it worked quite well. Check out the pictures below. Thanks , calum.

30% off all SALE stuff

Right kids, you can read, take 30% of all sale prices, this includes toys, gadgets, footwear & Clothing. some examples for you are as follows Addict Hoody, was £90, now £50, only £35 with 30% off MHI jacket, was £130, now £60, only £48 with 30% off. You get the picture im sure, so dont waste much time.


This is how my week is shaping up: Fraser.


Swarovski Crystal Studded USB Drive Charm Why use a plain old boring USB drive when you can have one that’s hidden inside a ridiculously opulent, Swarovski crystal-studded charm? One reason might be that a Swarovski USB drive costs three times as much as a regular one, but that answer is not flying in your girlfriend’s court of opinion, I’m afraid. Fraser. XXX

Garden Graffiti

Hi guys, I was painting the other day and have pictures for you lot. It's similar to a post i did a while back, going from sketch to piece, i hope you like it. Above is the original sketch. Above is the Outline, done with baby blue Monster paint Above Is the fill. Above is the 3D in traffic yellow. Above is the outline of the piece done in Admiral Blue Above is the 3D outlined also in Admiral Blue Above is the highlight, done in Pistachio green. Above is the highlight with a few drips and bubbles All the Paint was Monster and was bought in Fat Buddha. Thanks for reading, Calum

Wired In

I have a confession to make. I am an addict. But unlikely those trapped in the grip of the tangy more-ishness of barbituate based product, I'm fixated on a TV screen several times a week. I am addicted to HBO's The Wire. It is a TV show that began around 8 years ago and yet it's only now that people like me are catching up to the fact it's the pinacle of television. And that's nice that TV, now truly in its demise as a medium, has finally reached something close to art. Set in Baltimore, The Wire is five sesons of drama about those involved in crime and the police. Each season examines it from a different angle-schools, shipping, the press, the streets. The dialogue is not only incredibly realistic but the show isn't afraid to use full on slang that to many unfamiliar will be totlaly impenatrable. Charlie Brooker called it "the best show in the last 25 years" and "a show about the decline of the American empire." Anything that's described

Aye Write Aye Right

That time is almost upon us again-the Glasgow Book Festival or the Aye Write! Bank of Scotland Book Festival to give it it's full christian name. This year has quite a good lineup kicking off with Alan Bennett on March 6th and closing with the Aye Write Awards ceremony via Louise Welsh, AL Kennedy, Melvyn Bragg, Christopher Brookmyre and Robert Crawford. While this festival is still relatively in the shadow of the Edinburgh Book Festival, it's building a reputation as a down to earth, compact festival with a great range of stuff. Most importantly, in my opinion, it's offering many events for free. Picks for me are the above Alasdair Gray, author of Lanark, painter and all round phenom on the 8th at the Mitchell. Also check Rodge Glass discussing his biography of Gray, which is mightly good, right before the Gray show on the 8th. And Shetland poets with Jen Hadfield, Robert Alan Jamieson, Christie Williamson, Chris Stout, David Kinloch and Catriona McKay. But of course, the


2009 Grammy 'Swagger Like Us' performance with Kanye West, T.I, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and MIA Fraser.

Watch yourself

Wednesday watch themed post today folks... Any brand thats on top form does a collabo with Casio. Its just how this game works! Specifically, this watch model is the DW-6900DQM-7JR, or simply the 6900. The technical features on this one are endless with hologram backlighting, special packaging, an engraved metal backing, and a dope cobranded face. White watches always rule hard. Nooka present these awesome new watch colorway creations for Spring 2009. These watches are nothing new, and include the Zub Zoo, and the Zub Zenh models. What is new about these watches for Spring 2009 are the awesome color schemes. Very nice color choices! Fraser Heuer.

Carhartt Jackets

Got these 4 Carhartt jackets today, got them photographed and online within hours, indeed, the 4 jakets come in at £80, available instore and and online now.

JJB Sports to appoint administrators for lifestyle division

At last, someone has put Qube to end, i hope it doesnt re-appear, it must have been the worst show shop ever to have opened its doors, truly terrible. JJB Sports has filed notice of intention to appoint administrators for its Qube and Original Shoe Company chains. JJB began a review of its Lifestyle division at the end of last year. A preliminary approach for the brands did not result in a sale. In a Stock Exchange announcement today, JJB said that the Lifestyle division continues to trade at a "substantial" loss and that its directors have filed notice of intention to appoint administrators from KPMG. The board of JJB still hopes to attract a buyer to the business. Lifestyle clothing and footwear brand Original Shoe Company has 64 stores and fashion footwear brand Qube operates from 13 stores. It follows confirmation by JJB today that it has received a preliminary approach for its fitness clubs. It is widely believed that Mike Ashley has expressed an interest in the divisi

Trailer Trash 2

The Fast and the Furious 4 trailer: Angels & Demons trailer: Fraser


Hi guys, I bought a load of paint last week and was planning on doing some painting... not so much fun when theres 6 inches of snow on everything. But i gave it a bash and the results aren't magical. Below are some pictures of the snow and me painting it! I'm holiday just now so ill hopefully have some new photos for you next week. thanks for reading, Calum.