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The Perfect Boot Sock: Scott-Nicholl v Red Wing

Choosing the perfect sock to go with your favourite boots for the colder weather can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many brands that seem to offer warmth, comfort and durability. But the two brands that stand out far above the rest are Red Wing and Scott-Nicholl. Mining, farming and logging have been at the roots of Red Wing for over 110 years, demanding that all of their products stand the test of time.   Field-tested in the toughest of environments, Red Wing builds their products to be durable and never settle for anything other than the best quality. This attention to detail continues in their range of socks, offering a great variety of wool, cotton and acrylic models. Warmth and comfort re the main priority in Red Wing’s range of socks, making them the perfect accompaniment to not only Red Wing’s own range of boots, but any on the market. If the rugged outdoor look is not for you then the other clear choice is Scott-Nicholl. Made at Pantherella’s factory in Leice

New Brand: Mühle

Founded in the Ore Mountains in 1945 by Otto Müller, Mühle have crafted brush making and shaving products to perfection over years of work. Craftsmanship and legacy sit at the heart of Mühle, even as they continue to innovate their range of range of shaving products. The meticulous process of making Mühle brushes takes the time and care of specialist brush makers, with each brush being finished by hand, giving all their products a unique look. Mühle’s exclusive product range consists of brushes, razors and care products, such as soaps and creams. All Mühle products have nature in mind, using on the best and raw materials throughout their entire product list. Today Mühle is renowned as one of the best shaving companies in the world; with every product they make showing precision German deign and craftsmanship. Head in to the shop or visit our site online to shop our entire Mühle range.   --> -->

Red Wing: Cleaning & Care Items

Neglecting to care for a leather and suede is the fastest way to shorten the lifespan of a product and can contribute to wear and damage. Taking the time to properly clean and care for your products will not only lengthen their lifespan, but will also allow them to age gracefully. At Red Wing durability and quality is at the heart of all their products, with years of work making sure all their products use the best possible materials. Red Wing have taken lengths to ensure they provide customers with the correct products to care for and protect their Red Wing products, using natural ingredients to ensure nothing comes in the way of your Red Wing products looking their very best. At Fat Buddha Store we now stock the entire range of Red Wing Care products and accessories, ensuring all our customers leave with the best looking and fitting Red Wing products. Head in to the shop or visit our site online to shop our entire Red Wing range.  --&

New Brand: Howies

Founded in Wales in 1995, Howies have been producing outdoor apparel and sporting good with the environment at the heart of their brand for over 20 years. Howies believe in producing quality outdoor garments that are built to last. All products are made to create the least amount of impact on the environment. All Howies products are made from organic and ethically sourced materials, avoiding anything that causes excess damage to the world. Customers can buy Howies knowing that they have bought an ethically sourced organic garment that will last for years, only getting better with age. Howies is now available in store and online and in store at Fat Buddha Store . -->

New Product: Red Wing Blacksmith Boot

New to Fat Buddha Store is the versatile and reliable Red Wing Blacksmith boot. The boot was originally used in fields for farming, but was versatile enough to be cleaned up and worn for as a smarter shoe for a night out. The Blacksmith is built using Red Wing’s premium leathers and a durable Vibram ® outsole. The classic construction of this boot allows it to be worn all day long, whilst remaining comfortable, while the 6-inch style keeps out snow in winter and dirt in the summer. The Red Wing Blacksmith boot is available in two distinct colours, Copper Rough & Tough leather and Black Spitfire Leather. Both are now available in store and online at Fat Buddha Store. -->