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Dunk Hi'licous

Dunk'tastic, indeed our selection of Dunk HIs are wonderfully comprehensively good. All great prices and all available instore and online here

I <3 Halo 3

Hi guys, What a horrible week I've had. My prelims are next week so it's been 5 days of excessive revision... Yawn! with a few games of Halo in between. Last week I said that my xbox wouldn't connect to live, but now thanks to my Very good friend Jonny Watters <<<< massive big up!! he sorted the problem and I'm back on line. I've been playing on and off for about 6 months and i have finally reached the rank of Major, which isn't that high but you get a cool badge. Sad I know but its addictive. So my blog this week is a tribute to jonny and Halo 3 for helping me get through this week. This isn't a flattering picture of my main man, but it reminds me of Pedro from napoleon dynamite so its going up for a laugh. Below is Pedro. Halo 3, the greatest game ever! Below is a montage made by a guy called Blunts, it shows a kill called a stick, this is when you throw a sticky grenade, and its sticks to your opponent, simple to understand but tricky to maste

Travelling around the Rules

Recently, there's been a lot of basketball posts up here-shoes, pointless interview bits from me-lots. I love basketball, one of my favourite sports.  I also undertand that the NBA is big business and in a big business, you want the things that make you money to be covered in the media lots. You want your product on highlight film. You want your products to become bywords for excellence and for must see viewing. LeBron James, I think it's easy to say, is the best basketball player in the world right now. He is at such a level that he makes the Kobe's, Dirk's, D-Wade's, Chris Paul's etc of this world look ordinary.  Look at this: That is an utterly absurd piece of play. However, LeBron, not to criticise you (I myself only had a 14.7 points average in my 15 year NBA career) but you might want to watch this educational stuff. My point is that there are rules for normal players in these massive sports leagues (Champions League, NBA, NFL etc) then there's rules f

John Martyn

Sad news that the great and Glaswegian John Martyn has died at 60. From the Beeb: Singer-songwriter John Martyn has died at the age of 60. The folk, blues and funk artist was widely regarded as one of the most soulful and innovative singer-songwriters of his generation. He was born in Surrey but grew up in Glasgow. He was appointed an OBE in the New Year Honours. A statement on his website on Thursday said: "With heavy heart and an unbearable sense of loss we must announce that John died this morning." The musican, who passed away in hospital in Ireland, has been cited as an influence by artists as varied as U2, Portishead and Eric Clapton. He was regarded as a maverick within the music industry and battled with drugs and alcohol throughout his life. Totally gutted. One World and Solid Air are getting heavy rotation for me tonight, Mark


I can't help but like Rex the Dog for taking all the best bits of the 80s and regurgitating them into a giant ball of awesome. His new single, Bubblicious, is definitely a winner and the video is undoubtedly a peach. It almost makes you want to forgive him for his atrocities committed in the 90s under the JX moniker: catchy numbers like ' Son of a Gun ', and ' There's Nothing I Wont Do ' . Hard to believe its the same guy, but thankfully he's been able to go back in time and take the good bits from the 80s to undo some of the damage he did in the 90s. If you like Bubblicious, definitely check out the new(ish) album ' The Rex the Dog Show ', or if that sounds like too much of a commitment, download the 5 minute minimix recorded last year on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show. Pedro

Fresh Carhartt

Last week, some fresh new Carhartt jeans dropped. We've got all sizes you can think of, 28-40 waist in 32 and 34 legs, so tall folk are now sorted. Check the nice new Klondike Pant, £85 makes it the most expensive jean in the Carhartt range but the cut is amazing and the selvedge denim gives it that sleek look. Again, the quality is the hardwearing type you get with Carhartt, metal rivets at every stress point give it a classic streetwear look and keep them together for longer. The Organic Jeans are a new touch too. 100% organic denim, so nice and eco-friendly, while being a tough wearing, fashionable jean. Check the site, nice price too! Mark

Obama Sham

First up, sorry for the lack of a post last week. Thursday was my birthday, a grand old 22, so I figured I'd take a breather. Now, ranting service resumes. Obama. I am utterly disgusted with him. Obama, he was elected months ago. He sat around on his hands doing nothing. So I thought, "Give him the benefit of the doubt, he needs time, even Jesus kicked it for thirty years before busting out." Now? He was inaugurated on the 20th of January. What has he achieved since then? Nothing. Nothing, I say it again, nothing. He's been in almost 10 days and I'm still waiting. Let me analyse this further. First up, there was the inauguration itself. There was no celestial beings descending him on a cloud woven from pure silk as promised, nor was there a talking burning Bush in sight, nor was there any confirmation he was found among the reeds on the banks of the Chicago River as a child. There was not even a lousy parting of the crowd at Mall of America for a finale. If this

Coraline trailer

I predict big things for this film. Fraser.

Update: Kanye West x Louis Vuitton High Top Sneaker

Heres a quick update on the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton shoe I posted the other day. Strappy! Fraser.

Mr Officer.

Imagine this in Glasgow? oh wait, that would never happen. Fraser.

New Nikes

Hey up, received some new styles of Nike, a few hi-tops, cool Mogan Mid and a sweet dunk lo, all of them are online and instore. Prices are as usual, cheaper than anywhere else, what else do you expect

New Penfield Bags

Heres a sneeky lil preview from 'Bread & Butter 09' of the bags that the label will be releasing later this year. Similar to the Pendleton fabrics, Penfield went out and dug deep to create their own fabric and pattern. The outcome is an authentic range of messenger bags and backpacks, featuring the new fabric. They have a nice native american classic feel to them. Fraser.

Eley Kishimoto Instore

Landed instore today is the much awaited Eastpack range, designed by Eley Kishimoto, there are 3 styles, a classic Eastpack Backpack, a useful Messenger Bag and a funky lil sidepack.

Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

February 16th new studio album "Years of Refusal" by Morrissey is out. "Years of Refusal" will be Morrissey's first studio album since 2006's UK #1 "Ringleader of the Tormentors". Stirling, Albert Hall - May 4th Dundee, Caird Hall - May 5th Glasgow, Barrowland - May 7th Glasgow, Barrowland - May 8th Liverpool, Empire - May 10th Birmingham, Symphony Hall - May 13th Great Yarmouth, Britannia Pier - May 15th Cambridge, Corn Exchange - May 16th Hull Arena, - May 19th Hartlepool, Borough Hall - May 20th Salisbury, City Hall - May 25th London, Mile End Troxy Ballroom - May 26th London, Brixton 02 Academy - May 28th Fraser.


Got the store a lil piece of Art, was surfing online and noticed that Andy @ under the kitchen sink had finished a new piece, this one is the chewbacca one, the original is now hanging instore and the block mounted version will be avialable for sale ASAP. Next time you are in store, have a look and let me know what you think.


So Kanye West fancies himself as a designer? Well here's his first bash at it with with a pretty solid low-top one-toned 'Dune' inspired shoe. Apparently the man himself says they will be reasonably priced and you'll get your moneys worth, but having window shopped at the flagship LV stores in Edinburgh and Manchester and the concession in Selfridges in London, I won't hold my breath for their price tag! Still pretty fly but, and there's atleast 5 colourways to pick from aswell. Fraser.

Maisie Moo

Maisie is the shop dog, regular visitors will know her as she jumps up on them as they enter, new visitors, just give her space and she'll come to you when she feels comfortable. This is maisie breaking into the last photoshoot for som attention, she got bored and wanted clapped, taken for a pee and her dinner.

I Hate Technology.

Hi guys, this week i have not alot for you. My scanner won't scan, my Internets playing up and my xbox doesn't connect to live now! So I'm not chuffed with technology as a whole right now. I can't get any pictures on, so I'm going to have to entertain you with YouTube videos. Here's the Stompdown guys doing what they do best... Thanks for reading, calum .

Nike Landed

Today we received our first Nike Spring drop, in this delivery are these 3 colorways of the Elite shoe, they are a great lightweight summer shoe. Price is only £45, as usual, we are there with out pricing, cheapest in the city, but a great shoe and 3 great colours

Slam at Subculture

Yes - thats right people! I'm sure some of you did a double-take right there, but sure enough, the heads of the Glasgow house and techno scenes are colliding this weekend for a rare one-off event. From the Subculture blog : In nearly 15 years of Subculture , Glasgow's legendary techno duo Slam have never played at Sub Club's flagship Saturday Night. On Saturday 24th January however, Slam for a special one off will be treating us to their take on house music going up against Subculture's own Harri. The most memorable set I ever heard Slam play was when they played a house set at the top of the stairs in the Arches Bar at Pressure a few years ago. I haven't heard them play this kind of gig since, and with Harri on the decks as well sparks are sure to fly this Saturday! Where: The Sub Club, Jamaica Street, Glasgow When : Saturday 24th January 2009, 10pm to 3am. How Much : £5 b4 12, £10 after. See you there! Pedro

Sonic Boom

Part of me says this dude has too much time on his hand but being a massive Street Fighter fan a largerr part of me says 'Genious'.

Rising Prices Kikstyo RIP

The pound is shot to hell, 1 for 1 with the euro, $1.4 against the dollar, not so long ago it was $2 to the pound, it wont affect most people, but you are going to see price rises, any goods bought from the states, Japan, China & Europe will rise for sure. Montana paint is now 30p a can dearer this month, Monster Paint is now 10p a can dearer, Kid Robot toys are now £ for $ ie where a toy is $50, its now £50, whereas before it was £35, tough love. So the first casualty is Kikstyo, got my delivery this morn, looked at the invoice and had to send the delivery back, a real shame but when a t/shirt moves from being a £35 to a £50 T, its the end of the road. Not the brands fault, not the middle mans fault, not my fault, the T is the same price in yen as it was last year, just converting to £'s screws it, so with a heavy heart we have had to drop Kikstyo till the pound recovers, when that will be is anyones guess. Kikstyo where my fave brand, who doesn't love a cute lil jap girl

Glasgow people - Ivory Blacks tonight!

Come down and dance. Buy merch from me, whatever.... Fraser.

Hello My Name Is

On Friday, we will take delivery of our new Hello My name is stickers, 60 x 80mm so bigger than the current ones. We have 5 varieties, Japanese, Spanish, French, German & Plain Old English, from Friday you can get them here.

I <3 Nike (part VIII)

NIKE SNOWBOARDING X ARBITO - DANNY KASS PRO MODEL BOOT Nike Snowboarding and Arbito have joined up to create these colorful new snowboarding boots. The boots feature Arbito’s colorful graphics. The medium on which the colorful graphics are applied are on the Danny Kass Pro Model boot. Very awesome! Fraser White.


"Abraham Obama" Fraser Clinton.


Following on from Fraser's post of the new Kobe's from Nike, here's a follow up commercial. BROKEN ANKLES!! Mark.


Photographer Jeanyves Lemoigne. Fraser.

Stencil Layers

Hi guys, This week is about stencils. Above is a Bush stencils, and the different layers. This is an excellent example of the process to making you own stencil. I found this on a website, it's not my own work but it's awesome. Fat Buddha will be Doing stencil gear soon so check the website or come in store. Thanks for reading, Calum .


Watching Shaq play the other night, I was reminded how good he was back in the day. Totally dominant on both ends of the court, utterly unstoppable. He literally went through people for dunks, slapped shots from all angles and for a 300+pound guy, he had nimble footwork in the paint. Now, most of the time barring the other night where he had 27 and 10 and looked like '01 all over again, he huffs up and down court and looks ancient.  However, his patter remains outstanding. Over the years he's collected a fair array of very, very funny quotes. Check, and be reminded at the Diesel's witty prowess: And then getting bammed up something awful: Excuse my freakin' French, Mark

Say YES! to loud music!

Just got this from the notorious house-music evangelist Chef DeParty, and thought it warranted a repost. Help us keep live music loud! It seems the government is thinking 'what better way to start the New Year, than to take another God given right away from everyone!’ Yes that’s right the Government are trying to pass legislation to force all entertainment venues to have noise control limiters fitted. This means the end of live music, nightclubs etc as we know it! No more oversized collection of speakers, no more massive F1 and Turbo stacks, no more throwing club nights the way we want! I'm sure I'm not speaking for myself when I say that when I go to a club, the last thing on my mind is being able to stand in front of the stack with a cup of tea, chatting about Antiques Roadshow - I wanna actually hear and feel the music the way it should be heard! Please, please, please, take a minute to sign this petition. This is just one more thing to add to the list that the Governme

People of Edinburgh - Studio 24 tonight!

come hang out and dance! Fraser!

"£15,000 a week for Stevie Crawford?!!?"

This was the famous pronouncement of my friend Tommy, upon reading that Dunfermline dud Stevie Crawford was paid £15k a week to miss chance after chance and consider a good season to be 7 goals in 40 games. I seem to recall Tommy's voice climbing octaves as he repeated the astonishing idea. Now, Kaka-considerably better than Stevie Crawford, we can all agree on that. Is he worth £100million and £500k a week?  Look, he can do things like this: Okay, yes, fake. But he can do this: So debate for the day-justify that amount of dosh. Market value suggests that, yes, Kaka is worth a ridiculous amount to a club. But half a million a week? Even if Man City's shirt sales go through the roof they'll never cover that. Not even scrape it.  Is it not also a total slap in the face to ordinary working folk who want to go see a game? Some Premier League games are now £80 an adult for an average seat. For a father and son to go to the game, it could be £120 in tickets, £25 travel etc. What

HMV buy 14 Zavvis

The end has pretty much come for Zavvi as it starts to get broken up and sold piece by piece. HMV has snapped up 14 of them and also some music venues like the Hammersmith Apollo, well woop be doop for HMV . I never realised that when Richard Branson sold Virgin to the management buyout it had just made a £48 million pound loss, the use of the word sold implies that they gave him money to buy Virgin, but i've looked really really hard and can find no mention of the figure. This leads me to believe it wasn't really sold but more like given away, with Richard Branso n agreeing to underwrite a certain element of future debt. To be fair none of the past 9 months could have been anticipated but the wounded animal has limped as far as it can go, and now it dies, boo hoo . September last year, the board announced that they had managed to stem losses by £10 million and where making good progress, i'm not a mathematician by any stretch of the imagination but that means yo

Rogue Status R.I.P.

Rogue Status has been a staple at Fat Buddha since we openend , our best selling t/shirt has been the Gunshow t, in all its incarnations and many varied colourways. It has been the longest standing part of Fat Buddha, but after selling hundreds of them, we have decided to let Rogue Status pass gracefully to a better place. Great li'l brand and one that has done a great job for us, but with our policy of letting some brands go this year, Rogue Status is one of them, sorry to see it go

Best Game on the net

THe best game on the net must be this version of Connect 4, i am the official Doherty household Connect 4 Champion, allcomers welcome to challenge me. Play it here

Good Advertising Campaign

Cool advertising campaign, find out more details here.

Primark Uses Slave Labour (again)

Once again Primark is caught with its pants down, buying stock from suppliers who use illegal cheap labour, flouting the minimum wage and using migrant workers. Primark must know about it and only every take action when its on the front page of a sunday paper. People must realise every time they shop in primark, they support them, do yourself a favour and shop elsewhere. Primark is conducting an investigation into one of its key suppliers after an undercover probe found illegal immigrants were being employed at just over half the minimum wage. The value fashion chain said it would investigate Manchester-based supplier TNS Knitwear after The Observer and the BBC conducted an undercover investigation into practices at the garment firm. TNS Knitwear supplies 20,000 garments a week to Primark and workers were caught on camera admitting that they were working there illegally. Some were allegedly being paid as little as £3 an hour. Another supplier to Primark, Fashion Waves, was investigated


Hi guys, this week as been a busy one, back to school and its the run up to the prelims, I've had two tests and everyone's upping the pressure to get through the course. So this has meant that i haven't been painting(sadly) but i have managed to fit in a few sketches here and there. for example on the train to work, and in between maths homework and geography. Yawn! I'll stop moaning and put some pictures up. There all kinda different and they're words i don't usually write, but i hope they influence or inspire you. Above is the word EXPO, no idea where the name came from, but it's pen, felt tip and a highlighter for the 3D. Above is my usual, NON2. It's coloured pencils, fades from yellow to blue. Above is EAC , strange one again but i like the fill, which was a green felt tip and a yellow highlighter. Above is CEAL , a Snake, and the face of a monkey. all done in pencil. Above is 271, it was done in pen, 3d with a cool effect, strange angle as