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Outfit of the Week - Carhartt, Converse, Field Notes

Today we present you the Outfit of The Week chosen by one of our staff member: Vincent. In this outfit, three brands have been chosen: Carhartt WIP for the most part of it, footwear is based on Converse and the notebook is from Field Notes . For the top, he picked the long sleeve Champ Tee in Blue/White. A perfect top for summer in a classic design. For the trousers, he has chosen the Master Pant in Dark Navy, a classic chino pant from Carhartt WIP. The regular cut gives a nice shape to the trousers and they also drop down on the shoes quite nicely. For the accessories, we have the classic ball-pen and the military wallet in dark navy from Carhartt WIP and the plain paper Field Notes to write down all his experiences he had during summer. Footwear wise, he went for another classic and quite popular shoe at the moment: The Converse One Star in Ash Grey. Carhartt S/S Champ Tee Carhartt Master Pant Converse One Star Field Notes Plain Paper

Job Vacany for Ecommerce Assistant Glasgow

Ecommerce Assistant – (up to 35hrs) 
We are a nice wee family owned store that sells quite a bit online at Fat Buddha Store , and so we find ourselves in need of a hard working, bright, articulate ecommerce assistant to start work in the next 4 weeks.  We are looking for 1 (or maybe 2) person(s) to help us with running a web store that dispatched over 10,000 orders last year. 
 Your job will mostly consist of this sort of thing     Picking and Packing Internet Orders (mostly) .     Processing customer web returns (lots) .     Customer Service via phone, email & live chat, dealing with queries (lots) .     Stock control using Epos Adding/Removing Stock from Epos system.     Help process, ticket and store deliveries.     Writing descriptions for products online (We have over 5,000 products) .     Ensuring workstation is stocked up with all supplies. 
 Skills you should really be having to apply, (not all of them, unless you are superman/woman) Attention to detail