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I Prefer Treats!

Happy Halloween folks!! Who is out trick or treating tonight? I prefer treats and we have plenty of spooky and creepy things in store to keep you on your toes. We have creepy Scarygirl toys... Fun but evil Dead Fred and Hanging Harry ... Some of our Click for Art cushions are quite creepy and gothic... We have the freaky Hundreds Teeth Tshirts in 3 different colours, Red, Black and Purple... Then there are the Halloween favourites! Uglydolls ... Make sure you freak yourselves out tonight and have fun folks! David


Today the Eastpak Antidote Tour hits Glasgow! Our good friends at Eastpak know how to put on a show and this year its one of my personal favourite bands, Sum 41 doing the rounds. Eastpak are one of the best, most creative brands we stock with their amazing advertising campaigns over the past few years. I love seeing what they come up with. At the moment they are running the 'Create Your Buddy Pack' prmotion so be sure to head over to the Eastpak website and check that one out! It's already shaping up to be an epic gig with me hearing rumours of the bands transport failing and being rescued by a Domino delivery driver from Glasgow?! Here is a little something to get you in the mood... David

Behind the Scenes

When I started working in Fat Buddha Store a few years ago now I knew nothing about spray paints or painting. Now, while I still don't paint myself, I do notice it a lot more and find myself fascinated by it. Glasgow is smothered in great (and some not so great) pieces. As some of you know, when I am not working in Fat Buddha I am out taking photos. Last week one of my photo shoots happened to be in Graffiti hot spot, St Peter's Seminary. So I took the time out while the models where getting make up done to photograph a few of my favourite pieces. I am pretty sure most of the painters get their paint from us too but shhh... This one is by far my favourite...  If you are interested in St Peter's please check out the Hidden Scotland page here and also here is a wee creepy video. It looks a little different now because some more of it has collapsed but you will get the gist. PS... This place is very freaky at night. Check out my website if you are old enoug

Simpsons Blind Box Series 2

If the series 1 Simpsons are anything to go by, these will be just as popular and Leslie will probably have his order in for these along with the two-tone Dunnys which look sooooo good. ©

Stencil Originality

A lot of people think the only artist producing stencils is Banksy, they obviously haven't checked out Stencil Revolution ! Stencil Revolution should be the first port of call for stencil artists old and new, with a massive gallery of work on and off the streets as well as a very active forum, it will inspire and inform you to get out there and get cutting. Here's a few images I grabbed from the gallery to show you that it's not all about one colour images of the same old subjects done in the style of Banksy/Blek le Rat. These images are Nazza by Nazza Hendrix by Zenzenzen Street Gold by Meek It goes to show you that there's a whole lot more to it than you first thought, and if you're on the SR forum, drop by friend of Fat Buddha, Klingatrons gallery and leave a few comments. We have paint coming out of our ears and in nearly 200 different colours, your sure to find one that you like. There are loads of tutorials online to teach you the basics, but as t

Play Times with Play Imagainative

Play Imaginative are the company behind some of our best selling products here in the shop and are responsible for the likes of Gloomy Bear , To-Fu , Dooperdoo and the ever popular DIY Trexi vinyl figures . When we heard that they were resurrecting their Play Times magazine, we jumped at the chance to be in the mag, and what better way than to tell everyone how we feel... If you are still in doubt, visit our shop in Glasgow and see the shelves bulging with some of the best collectable vinyl there is. If that's not enough, you can see our massive toy range in our online shop . ©

Fluro Fridays!

The sun may not be shining at all outside (atleast in the UK!) but you can brighten up your walls indoors with this restock of the popular MTN 94 Fluro spray-paint . Coming in Fluro versions of Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red - this is ideal to perk up any bedroom wall! Fraser

Tron Legacy + Daft Punk

I don't know anyone that gets more excited about a movie before it even comes out than Fat Buddha weekend warrior David . So when I saw this I couldn't help get him fired up for Halloween weekend in the shop, D, this one's for you.... ©

You Mug.

Located near the back of the shop is our extensive Mug section. In a wide range of styles and sizes these are perfect gift solutions for any member of the family, whether they drink tea, coffee or even hot chocolate! Fraser

Michael Rapaport

Late night YouTubing resulted in me finding this pretty quirky video by premier LA streetwear giants: The Hundreds . A snippet from The Hundreds magazine that we had in the shop for a limited time features acclaimed actor Michael Rapaport talking about his all time favourite MCs. Rapaport has starred in some of my favourite films such as: Higher Learning, True Romance, Next Friday and Beautiful Girls, and was one of the best recurring characters in the ever-popular tv show Friends. Fraser


Today here at the shop we took delivery of a brand spanking new Nixon cabinet. It took 3 of the staffs strongest employees to conjour up a plan to get this huge behemoth down the tricky set of stairs that lead you to Fat Buddha , but somehow they managed it! This new eye-catching cabinet is going to be key in displaying all the brand spanking new watches from our friends at Nixon , to you guys, including The Rubber Player . You know what time it is.... Fraser

Montana Gold - New Formula

Some of you may have noticed the new can design for Montana Gold that we've been selling. It's not just the can that's changed, the paint is a brand new formula too. There was nothing wrong with the old paint, they've just made it better all round. ©

Inspiration pt.2 - Goldie

With the arrival of Benny Gold in Fat Buddha we've definitely got the midas touch, so keeping it golden, what could be more fitting than the inspiration of Goldie . Most of our younger customers probably think that Goldie is just a reality TV show contestant, go a bit older and they might know him for being one of the pioneers of Drum and Bass or his groundbreaking album Timeless. If you ask those who were into graffiti and hip hop in the eighties, they will give you the true picture of of the biggest figures on the scene and one of the first to cross over into the main stream by featuring on TV shows and in magazines. He worked in the UK alongside artists like 3D (from massive attack) and fellow b-boy Birdie. He also expanded his horizons through travel and meetings with Afrika Bambatta, and artists like T-Kid and Brim from TATS Crew. I first saw his work in Spraycan Art (future worlds image above), but he also started popping up on TV, most notably in a

Smile it's Monday

Another Monday and a fresh start to the week. Here's some videos to keep you smiling as winter rolls around... Heard this the other day and love the video for it, been ripped so many times... So much technical wizardry going on in this next one... and I can't not put in some Michel Gondry.... enjoy. ©

Come Around Sundown.

Just released on Friday, the new Kings of Leon album 'Come Around Sundown' is already a staff favourite and is on heavy heavy rotation right now. We all have diverse tastes in the shop, but I think we all agree this is a banger. Fraser.

Make An Impression With Artline

Here in Fat Buddha Store we are literally swimming in Paint Pens and Ink . One of our popular but still quite unknown brands is Artline . We currently stock the following paint pens and markers from them... The 4mm Poster Marker, Gold/Silver 1.2mm and the 2.3mm Paint Markers. The good news is we got 16 massive boxes in yesterday of new Artline pens! So in store from next week we will have nearly the full range of the Artline poster martkers, 4mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. Available in store and soon on the Fat Buddha Website ! There is going to be some great deals on these new Artline markers in store so you save when you buy more than one. If you would like to know more about these pens you can check out the Artline Website here or simply pop in and have a chat to one of our friendly, helpful staff. The Artline website also has information about them if you want to read more. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! David