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Books for the weekend & Xmas

Books, books, books and more books, its xmas time, ho bloody ho and when people say the usual, what do you want for xmas, you tell, them i want the 'A Bathing Ape' book, 'Art & Sole' book and just throw in the sneaker book for goodd measure. All these books and many more are available from Fat Buddha If you have not been instore in a while to check out the book section, please do, now expanded and it takes up the whole back wall. Architecture, Fashion, Textiles, Photography, Art, Illustration, Animation, Design, Advertising,Graphic Design, Logos, Streetwear, Graffiti, Lifestyle and a wee dose of humour.

Allow myself to introduce... myself

Bonjour. My name is Allan and I am honoured to be a guest blogger for Leslie and the good people at Fat Buddha. I have been spunking my wages in the store for a while now and can hand on heart say there is no better shopping experience in Scotland. (Right, that sould make sure my discount continues). I have my own blog over at which basically serves as a daily portal into my life as a 'big time dj fae up the toon'. I really hope my humourous observations and social commentary prove to be a worthwhile addition to this quality weblog. As I write this the time is 4.45am on Friday morning and I plan to watch a bit of Iron Man on DVD and crash out, but before I do i'll leave you with something for the weekend. As I mentioned before I am infact a 'big time DJ from up the toon' so 'tis only right I end on a musical note. Here's a little mash up that being doing some damage on the dancefloors. It comes from Los Angeles native, Steve1Der . Steve i


I have arrived, the killjoy of everything good, including Halloween. Just wanted to quickly remind you that Halloween is an invention of the church in order to disparage 'pagan' Celtic beliefs. Much like April Fool's Day which replaced the Celtic beginning of summer celebration to insinuate that anyone celebrating such a thing was a fool. So Happy Samhain for tomorrow. I'll be back next week to ruin more things for you, preferably through the medium of wikipedia . Mark

Celebrate Good Times?

For anyone who has seen me play sport, any sport, I apologise. I really am so sorry. My sport playing days(which have notably disappeared since leaving school many moons ago) were a travesty for anyone watching. At every sport, I have exactly the same routine, pattern, style, whatever we'll call it-erratic (i.e. a stunning behind the back pass in basketball is followed a minute later with breaking my own ankles while dribbling), temperamental (a well won penalty by my team's star striker is ruined by my fifty yard sprint to square up to the defender that gave it away) and so lacking in any fitness programme that Diego Maradona at his Brando- esque weight would have questioned my cholesterol levels. In short, I am not the sporting type. However, like everyone else, I love to celebrate after, say, a great goal. Or a nice three pointer. Or that red ball going through the arch, if croquet's your bag.  Sadly, it seems sports authorities take a dim view of this. Recently, whi

Shoe Customs

Bought some of our new Angelus paints this week to try them out. I have an old pair of Nike Air Flights, used for basketball, in the worst colours imaginable (I'm not proud, but I am cheap) so I thought I'd complete them and turn them into true bad taste. I also saw it as a chance to experiment with the paint and see how it works so I could truthfully give advice to any inquistitive customers.  Answer-Shoe customising is really, really hard. Remondelling kicks is an extremely laborious but ultimately very enjoyable experience. But it's incredibly difficult. The paint ran every where, the detail was tricky, the fact it's a 3D object is a nightmare. But at the end of it, I looked at the terrible shoe I had created and realised that the whole time I had been the calmest I had felt in ages. The patience and devotion involved was probably beyond my impatient and lazy self but it's great. And you can create stuff like this: More over at my blog on the sidebar or try kick

Nobody said it was easy

THe Four Horsemen, best AC/DC soundalike band, except for Rhinobucket, they even have Haggis from the Cult here

Elton loves it

This was the song that got me into Elton John

Trick or Treat?

Hey guys i'm Fraser, and welcome to my first entry for Fat Buddha . I'm gonna kick things off with some seasonal picks being that it's Hallowe'en on friday... these should sort you out if you don't want to go to too much hassle with a costume, and hey, wear them every year - who's gonna remember?! First up we've got a shirt and Novelty mug from Stussy, a simple design and the shirt comes in black too: Second up we've got the latest limited edition shirts from Bostons finest Johnny Cupcakes, I think the Jason Vorhees one might be my personal favourite: Last up is a crazy collabo by Ecko and Star Wars, I wouldn't wear this personally cos white hoodies jus don't do it for me, but i'm a total geek who loves Star Wars and Marc Ecko has some great stuff: ...Finally Costume-wise, if all else fails you could just try recreating this: Hope everyone has a 'spooky' Hallowe'en, eats plenty candy and watches Michael Jackon's "Thriller

Bad news if you live in Iceland

Think its bad here, just as well we don't live in Iceland, interests have just went up by 6% to 18%, yes up by 6%. How can anyone budget for such a rise and the extra costs on your mortgage would kill you, Iceland need another £4 billion to keep afloat. £1.51 to the $ today, it was £2 not that long ago, the impact for the customer will be an increase in price of any toys, clothing, gadgets coming from the states, everything is now 1/3rd more expensive. If anyone can explain currency fluctuations to me, i would appreciate it.

I need one of these

Following on from, if money wasn't a problem, here we have the B&W Zeppelin I-pod dock, not only does it look great, it gets pretty rave reviews regarding the sound quality, anyone got a spare £399, no, come on. This can be bought from the Apple shop on Buchanan Street.

If Money weren't a problem

If money wasn't a problem and i went shopping, this is what id buy Jacket £520 Goodlife, - Top £285 Goodlife, - Jeans £110 Size or Aspecto, - Shoes £100 Size Thats £1,015 just for starters, doesn't include pants, socks or a belt, anyone got a spare £1,000 kicking about. Which takes me back to how good Glasgow Shopping is, what other city in UK outside London, can you go out and buy this stuff, go to Leicester, Manchester & Liverpool and you will struggle to find good streetwear

Obey - Supply & Demand (re-stocked)

After a long wait we have the Obey - Supply & Demand book back in stock & online . This is one meaty tomb, and it is packed to exploding with everything you want to see, and what about the price, a measly £35, yes pick yourself up from the floor, it is that cheap. With Santa just round the corner, this book will make a great addition to anyones Xmas list. Go on, you know you want to, or pop into store and say hi. Supply and Demand is the book that finally does justice to Shepard Fairey's entire body of work, a massive retrospective covering 17 Years of this groundbreaking artist's prodigious output. Through the lens of esteemed writers and critics such as Carlo McCormick, Steven Heller and Roger Gastman, Fairey's work is seen for all its depth and placed in context as art, design, social experiment and "getting over". This massive book pulls no punches and all areas of the enigmatic artist's work, travels and travails are illuminated; from exhibitions,

Going... Going.....

On Saturday Amos toys opened up their Stash to the general public for the last time. Basically the company has kept back figures over the years and they finally let them go to the general public. Amongst the toys were all the classics as well as special items, everything was limited edition. This time however once everything is gone, it's gone for good. Due to the current market value of some of the pieces they were sold at a slightly higher price (though still under current ebay prices), this was supposedly done to keep the flippers at bay and to try to ensure that the pieces went to actual collectors. Sadly the truth is that if there's a few quid to make on a toy the flippers will always be there trying to squeeze out some extra moolah, though Amos did say that if they suspect anyone of trying to sell on their purchases for profit they'll revoke their membership. No doubt the sale was somewhat of a double edged sword, on the other hand it's probably the best opportuni

Good news, hmm

As reported on the BBC, good time to sell your house is 2013, thank god, its only a 5 year wait, suppose there no chance of selling my flat now, bugger House prices will not get back to the levels they peaked at in 2007 until 2013, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has predicted. The group also forecast that prices would fall in value by 25% from their peak to a trough at the end of 2009. It would mean an estimated 2.5 million homeowners could face negative equity. The price drops have been welcomed by some who argue that many were priced out of the market when prices rocketed. Predictions If proved correct, the prediction from the CEBR would mean the value of the average home would have dropped to £157,058 by the end of 2009. That represents a decrease in value of about £50,000 from the peak in the housing market a year ago. Prices are expected to be broadly flat in 2010, before rising by about 20% during 2011 and 2012, the CEBR forecasts. In an interview with the

MTN 94 Coming Soon

Right the guys at Montana are bringing out a new paint can next month, the MTN 94 is the first new can from the spanish guys in years. MTN 94 is a thicker paint, lower pressure and will be instock next month . MTN 94 comes in a whole heap of colours, check out the colour chart below. MTN 94 pushes the design front with a glossy stainless steel can and looks similar to the new monster can.

Mexico seizes top drugs suspect

Thought i'd share a bit of worldn news with you, as reported on the BBC website A prominent leader of one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world, Mexico's Arellano Felix Cartel, has been arrested, officials say. Eduardo Arellano Felix was arrested after a shootout in the Mexican city of Tijuana, on the US border, according to the Mexican defence department. He is accused of trafficking hundreds of tonnes of cocaine and marijuana to the US. The US state department has been offering $5m (£3m) for his capture. Mr Arellano Felix and his sister, Enedina Arellano Felix, took over the leadership of the cartel after several of their brothers were either arrested or killed, the Mexican authorities say. Police arrested the suspect on Saturday evening after chasing his car to a home in a middle-class district of Tijuana. The house where the suspect was seized was riddled with bullets A three-hour gun battle erupted involving more than 100 police and soldiers and the house was ridd

Sottish Style Awards

2008 Sottish Style Awards was upon us last night, bit glitzy night in Edinburgh which was £2,000 for a table for 10 people, all high fashion. Always been a bit adverse to the skinny mochahino, air kiss brigade, up to Oran Mor on a saturday night crowd. Last night must have been a wonderful afair and there just isn't enough Sottish style to fill the place, Shirley Manson & Sharleen Spiteri, why is it always the same old names they drag out. Why is it deemed requisite to single Sottish style out on its own, its like an admission that Sottish style can't compete with British style, so we need our own award ceremony, bit like the MOBO's. Scottish style stands out from most of what England has to offer, so why cant we compete with them, rather than having our own ceremony, we could beat them anyday for sure

Angelus Leather Paint, instock now.

Instore now, we have the full range of Angelus Leather Paint in 1oz bottles and a few in the 4oz bottles, we also have the duller and 4 varieties of the Acrylic finisher. Angelus Leather Paint is the only paint to be used by all the sneaker customisers, all the ones you have seen in all the books, use Angelus Leather Paint , the company has been going strong since 1904 and when it comes to leather products, they know their stuff. All the colours are in stock and we have another order placed which should see the 4oz bottles arrive in 25 colours, and the deglazer, white & black in pint bottles. Delivery is next day and the full range will be online this week.

More Videos from You tube

These Des McLean ones are classics, you tube tends to take up to much of your time though

Lynx Bullet From Tomorrow

Right tomorrow onwards, we give away this lil Lynx bullet away to everyone buying a pair of jeans online or instore, not released till next month, so you will be one of the first people to have it. Seems that the metrosexual thing is now accepted without question.

Picture Gallery

Hi guy, Saturday again and yet another post. This weeks going to be a bit different, I was Spray painting outside my house last week and i have some pictures for you. The paint i was using was Montana and monster with normal monster caps and also a Astra fat which i rather like. there's a picture of a throw-up with a faded fill, dark outline with 3D going to a vanishing point and to finish a baby blue highlight in monster. There's also a picture of a natural stencil which i came across when the wind blew leaves of the wood leaving perfect leaf shaped stencils, which i think look very cool. I hope you like the pictures and as always if you have any comments, suggestions, or you just want to be nasty leave me a comment so i know how I'm doing Thanks for reading. Regards, Calum .

We hate Palin, the Hockey Mom

Stole this classic clip from Marks blog, someone that hates palin more than Mark seems to be this man, great clip. Also, visit Marks blog on , hes funny, political and it makes good reading, unfortunately hes a card carrying SNP man, tut tut MArk

Stewart Home-Rebellion a la mode

Want to turn my attention away from ranting like a lunatic for at least one post and return to a favourite topic of mine, writing. In particular, I'd like to highlight a writer who I think has contributed a great deal to art in general and seems to be totally overlooked by the casual reader-even if he is praised incessantly by critics. Stewart Home, let's be clear on this to start, is brilliant but also completely mad. He's the author of books such as "69 Things to do with a Dead Princess", "Red London" and the title to remember "Whips & Furs-My life as a bon vivant , gambler & love rat ‘by’ Jesus H. Christ." If I ever read a title that could infuriate the Catholic Church more, I'll assume Stewart's writing under a pseudonym . As he has many a time. Home is a cultural commentator and political radical-leaning into the anarchist/left-wing spectrum that I can't pindown . And a very highbrow prankster. For a time, he was the

Staff Wanted, Photography Student

We now have a vacancy for a photographer (more suitable for a student) to work in our store 8-12 Hrs a week. (2 evenings & 1 afternoon) The job is taking photos of product for Fat Buddha website, you will also be using photoshop to alter images and then load them onto website. So, in brief, you will be in charge of images from start till they appear on the website. Also, making banners for website and adverts for printed publications websites where we advertise. Essential is a Good Good knowledge of Photoshop, experience of using Bowens Lights (or similar, setting them up, syncing with camera and ability to use lights to achieve great results), also a good eye for composition and some good ideas to improve the qualirt and look of images. Send CV to or pop into store at Fat Buddha 21 Bath Street Glasgow

Growing Audience

Glad to say that the blog gets more attention than i thought possible, following the recent request for some more guest bloggers, 2 brave souls have come forward. First one is Al, aka Big Al, resident DJ from Karbon down at Buchanan St and the Shed on Sundays, Al has his own blog over at . Next one is Fraser Croll, he's a streetwear nut so should be keeping you up to date with all thats happening. So there are 2 newbies, i look forward to their posts and hope the blog keeps on growing. Also, rememberthat we are still looking for guest bloggers to keep on building the site, but remember a blog is for life, not just Xmas.

Some Great images

Right a whole pile of cool images for you, first one is from the banksy website All the r est of these great images are from the wooster collective , this is an amazing site with all the latest stuff, so check it out.