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Eating my words.

I was a massive fan of Kanye's first album and certain tracks still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, which is a rare thing for a hip hop record. The concept for his new joint 808s & Heartbreak seemed a little bitty shite to me. I mean the most creative dude out there in the industry jumping on some vocoder bandwagon, I'll confess I was slating it before I even heard Love Lockdown. With all that said I am eating my words and am all over the new single Heartless. Hear it HERE.

Big Als new Picture

Big Al over at Big Al TV , has got himself a rather snazzy picture and a good take on a logo. Pop over and heck his blog out.

I <3 Nike (part II)

Coming on the heels of the previously seen satin black Dunk High inspired by fellow basketball shoe the Vandal, two other colorways have surfaced to compliment the originally seen black model. Two further tonal colors in red and white are featured sharing the shame monotone stylings. No word yet on availability. Fraser :)

25mm white grog ink squeezer marker

Hi Guys, this week i have the 25mm white grog ink squeezer marker . Its exactly the same as the 10mm Grog marker from last week apart from the nib and bottle are bigger! So instead of boring you with the same details as last week i'll post a load of pictures for you guys to check out: Above the marker filled with white grog ink . Above the 25mm mole felt nib. Above a line without squeezing. Above line while squeezing. Above a tag. The 10mm and 25mm markers are both awesome markers, and are worth the the buy. I think you all might be happy to hear that i have finished wading my way through the markers and am on to something different next week. thanks for reading calum.

I <3 Nike

Nike Air Max / Air Structure Triax / Air Max BW - NEW RELEASES. The Nike Air Max lineup shows a new range of color combinations on the Air Max 1, Air Structure Triax and Air Max BW models. Fraser!!

Art For SALE

Right, what do we have here, hmm let me think, as ever Buddha branches out to bring some other lifestyle products, here we have a set of canvas style prints for your cool pad, coming into you at £30 a pop, indeed, only £30 and they measue 12" x 18" (30cm x 40cm for the kids who dont know what imperial measures are). Available online here , or as usual pop by and say hi


Wiley (feat. Daniel Merriweather) - Cash in my Pocket Video produced by Mark Ronson Clever eh? Fraser...

Another week, another belter

Phew… I feel like I’ve just caught my breath after last weekend’s mammoth Fiasco. It seemed like half the Glasgow house music scene turned up at the Brunswick to check DJ Mes out, and I can guarantee that nobody was disappointed. As always, pictures and videos are up on the Fiasco Facebook Group . Here is a sample of DJ Mes and the Fiasco crowd rockin’ out; But alas, another week, another belter. December is fast upon us and the end of the month means two things in Glasgow, both crucial to keeping the wheels of this fine city rolling; Payday and Pressure. This month sees Slam celebrating their 10th birthday, with the best Pressure lineup I can remember. The legendary Carl Craig and relative newcomer Boys Noize will be keeping it all things Techno, and with DJ Yoda giving it his usual one-of-a-kind audio-visual performance, who knows whats going to happen. Throw in Damian Lazarus and Radioslave too, and you know its gonna be one helluva good night. At this point I feel obligated to

The pen is mightier than the sword

Preview of the brand new Winter line from Penfield . (Click image for bigger image): Fraser.

I had a dream

The other night I dreamt that I witnessed a murder. My other half Helena took the liberty of checking online to see what this kind of dream typically means. Dreaming that you witness a murder indicates deep-seated anger towards somebody. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or eliminate - Taken from The person I saw being murdered in my dream was in fact an old friend Willie who used to work at Reg Vardy and sold me my current car. I have been considering changing my car for a while now and this may be just the catalyst I needed. Night night folks. Al

Rebel Rebel

Brand new winter range from Mike Giants 'Rebel 8' brand, should be online to buy at Click the images for larger pictures. Personally I love nearly all of this very solid line, don't sleep cos the beanie is near sold out already! Mr Fraser.

Honey Honey

Apologies in advance for this catchy piece of pish, but the hottie below sang it in Mama Mia and i had to listen to the original.

Hottie of the week - Amanda Seyfreid

Was forced at gunpoint to watch MamaMia the other night, was the worst experience of my life, at first, then i kinda liked it, sorry to say but it was fun. This young lady is Amanda Seyfried, she plays the daughter in the film, great voice and oh so pretty. So Amanda Seyfreid, you are officially a Fat Buddha Hottie

Things to do this week....

Out for dinner? Nanakusa is one year old!! So if you're out and about tonight grab a table and help them celebrate their birthday. There's a special bento box on the menu tonight and some other treats.... Not free tonight? then pop in anytime and give your belly a treat! Fancy a film? Glasgow's GFT has some corkers scheduled. I went to see 'Conversations With My Gardener' by Jean Becker this week and it was a real treat. It's a film that's funny, heartfelt and poignant but without hitting you over the head with it. The GFT also has a preview of 'Summer' directed by Kenneth Glenaan starring Robert Carlyle and Steven Evets on Thursday 27th of November. The aforementioned posse from the film will be in attendance.

Woolworths, about to go tits up ?

Woolworths could fall into administration in a matter of days unless it completes a deal to sell its retail business to restructuring specialist Hilco, according to sources close to the company. A lack of sales in the crucial pre-Christmas period is expected to push the company into administration unless a deal can be made. Over the weekend Hilco improved the terms of its offer to buy Woolworths' struggling retail arm, by agreeing to take on £300 million of debt, an advance on the £265 million originally tabled. This would leave the group with EUK and 2Entertain, as well as £85 million of debt. However, Woolworths' biggest shareholder, property tycoon Ardeshir Naghshineh is expected to meet the retailer's management and banks today to discuss an alternative rescue plan to Hilco's. He plans to raise cash by selling a number of leases on its stores and then moving the remainder of the outlets upmarket. The bigger question needs to be, how has woolies managed to last so l

Grog Ink 10mm Squeezer markers

Hi guys, This week i have the Grog 10mm Squeezer marker for you to check out. This marker is off the chain in ever aspect, for example: The Grog ink is an excellent stainer, the nib is second to none, the squeezer system works very effectively and it has a cap which will stop leakage in your pocket. It was actually a request by yours truly to get these in store and I'm happy we did. Above is the empty marker, nib and legendary Grog ink. These marker come filled to save you the trouble. To fill the marker, all you need to do is remove the nib, fill the bottle about 2/3's with ink, replace the nib and squeeze to start the ink flowing. The squeezer system works a treat and the mole hair nib is a nice change from regular chisel nibs. Below are some examples of the Grog 10mm Ink Squeezer marker . Quite a few pictures this week, mainly because I Really enjoyed writing with the pen. Next week i have the Grog 25mm Squeezer marker . Thanks for reading, Calum.

For stevie wonders eyes only

Another Way to Die (OFFICIAL HQ) from Tom Watts on Vimeo . Not a bad music video I must say... But is the film all its cracked up to be? 00Fraser


Brand new tasty decks from OBEY online now! Fraser x

Nike Airmax Premium (more photos)

Here we have some better photos of the Nike Airmax Premium in quilted black leather, only £75 and available here .

Where are our Readers

Yesterday was a high for the blog, we had 223 visitors to the site, the map shows where all our readers are, we seem to be big in the states and have a few fans in the far east. Interesting to see where all you readers are, hope you continue to enjoy.

Google Translate

Hi, you may have noticed this Google translate widget at the right hand side of the Screen and been too scared to fiddle with it. Google Translate does exactly what it says on the tin, clik your desired langauage from the drop down the menu and Google being the super genius will translate the whole page into the seleted language. As for mistakes and literal translations gone wrong, please advise on what ones you come up against, but a good way of testing your language reading skills. Next up we have the share button below the google translate, what we want you to do is to share as muh of the content of this site with your friends. If you like a club night revies or like som graffiti pictures then use this icon to facebook, email, link, bebo it, all manner of ways to share content and get readership up.

Duffer of St George rescued.

Duffer of St George has been rescued by the management in a buyout before the brand went down the pan. A newly formed company called 'Nihocco 3493' rescued it from the hands of the evil administrators. Duffer store in London was always my favourite store to visit, always seemed to have the coolest staff and a great buzz about the place. Then it done its difusion line to Debenhams and still expected indies to carry on stocking the main line, hmm, always going to end in disaster that one. Here we have the iconic Duffer hoody that every kid in glasgow was wearing years ago, was like a badge of honour to some. Aspecto used to sell this buy the box full and it was available in many many colours, there must be a few still lurking about in peoples wardrobes out there. I was surprised to still see it available on their website, i thought they had stopped making it. MHI have got some guys in called Baker Tilley to try and sell the brand. I think they may have left it 2 years to late,

Graduate's Anonymous: My Name is Mark...

...and I'm an English student. Hi Mark. I don't know how it happened really. One minute I was a creatively inspired child prodigy burnout, next I'm writing essays on all the mentions of the word 'air' in Jane Eyre. What happened? How did I end up doing such a pointless degree? Was in the pub the other night (my source of all cultural knowledge.) Someone asked me after I told them what I did, "Oh, so you want to be a teacher then?" No. Not even if the choice is between that and being a fingernail pulling tester for some South American junta. Really, no, not if my life depended on it. "But teaching is a noble profession." No, teaching should be; there's a difference. It pays terribly and the children...ah, yeah them... I recall being at school and the horror I inflicted upon many teachers and I was far from the worst. My class managed to force the retirement of one old dear and cause another to hit the sick with 'stress related illness.'

Quick Reminder

Tonight-Cheap N Nasty at Nice N Sleazy's Sauchiehall St. £2 on the door with Arface, Dancejunkie & Matthew Craig (one more tune) £2!! Two quid! Techno, electro, good times. Catherine Weir's "As We Speak" exhibition featuring a range of artists, video artists and all round artistas (whatever that is) at Stereo in Renfield Lane on the 25th of November. Free entry, starts at 8, will be excellent, no doubt. Mark

Skater of The Year

Thrasher Magazine's prestigious Skater of The Year award is on us again. Dan "Corpsy" Drebohl, John Rattray and John Cardiel have all picked Silas Baxter Neal to win, so that's good enough for me, I'm going to go ahead and call the winner myself. Silas Baxter Neal; in my top five three-named-skateboarders along with Anthony Van Engelen and Pierre Luc Gagnon.  Not being cruel, don't worry. This guy is not the same AM I remember back in the day. I thought then he looked flat footed, a bit stilted and stiff and had this odd thing where it looked like his feet never moved. All of that has changed bar the latter now, perhaps he can actually levitate or something. This part in the Habitat vid Inhabitants seems to confirm he's now a ripper with quite a smooth style. Some of his snaps are huge, range of tricks is very interesting. It also appears though that the wall-ride is officially back amongst everyone. And that Baxter-Neal fell head first out of the 70s wear

Fiasco presents DJ Mes

This is my first post on the Fat Buddha Blog, so I guess I better explain what I’m doing here before I get started. I’m going to be bringing you a view of the underground house music scene in Glasgow, as well as some other bits and pieces for you to check out online. You might even see a few mixes of my own, but either way I’ll try and bring you a few hours worth of free tunes to download each week to keep your iPods topped up. I’m gonna start off this month with a hot tip for this Friday: Fiasco at the Brunswick Hotel. Ah Fiasco, Fiasco.. from your humble beginnings in the deep of last winter, you have blossomed into probably the hottest new club night in the whole of Glasgow. After last month’s sell-out performance by the jaw-droppingly funky Inland Knights on their 10 Years of Drop Music tour, I was left wondering exactly how Fiasco residents ED-FM! and Frazer Devine could top the bill. This month, the Fiasco boys are bringing to Glasgow none other than west-coast legend and house

Row over altered US Army photo

The Pentagon has become embroiled in a row after the US Army released a photo of a general to the media which was found to have been digitally altered. Ann Dunwoody was shown in front of the US flag but it later emerged that this background had been added, and that her uniform details had been changed. The Associated Press (AP) news agency subsequently suspended the use of US Department of Defence photos. A Pentagon spokeswoman said the photo had not violated army policy. Gen Dunwoody, America's highest ranking female military officer, was recently promoted to become a four-star general. In an original photo of her, she appears to be sitting at a desk with a bookshelf behind her. For us, there's a zero-tolerance policy of adding or subtracting actual content from an image Santiago Lyon AP It also shows three stars on her uniform identifying her as a lieutenant-general, her rank prior to her promotion. The altered photo, distributed by the army and initially sent by AP to its cl

Carharrt New Era Cap

Dont you just love this hat, Carharrt have come up with this amazing hat, fully lined and at £35 it is pricey, but worth it, i love this hat and pop along here to buy it.