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New Graffiti Stickers

Decided to add to our already impressive range of Graffiti Stickers , have these 3 for you, work out at £2 for 20, we seem to go through so many instore, i see them all over Glasgow now. If you have any ideas for stickers drop me an email .

Tron Legacy Trailer

Above, First outline in fill colour. Above, the first fill Above, is the second fill and the start of the fade Above, The Outline Above, Cutting back into my lines and sorting out the fade Above, Went over the outline again to make it look cleaner and added 3D Above, Highlight in a bright blue to make my piece stand out! Above, Added drips to add effect Above is a view from further away. The paint was Ironlak . For all your Graffiti needs click Here !! Thanks for reading, Calum.

Mighty Healthy sneak peek...

This t-shirt rules. I love it for how its delivered so cleanly and with maximum impact and the fact it's by one of my favourite brands from the states. But the nostalgic factor too. As a teenage boy in high school I passed around my VHS copy of 'Menace II Society' to my peers like a cheap hooker. Essential 90s hood film. Essential Mighty Healthy t-shirt to commemorate it. Fraser.

New Nike SB video

Unreal. Fraser.

Levis Land in the Fatbuddhastore

The first step to improving the Denim offering of Fat Buddha has arrived, Levis & Levis Engineered, long time admirer of the Levis brand, have the vintage colloction to prove it, got some knowledge of the brand from back in the days of Flip. Priced at either £75 or £85, dependingon the wash. Levis have managed o drag themselves back into the credible denim market and they will be sitting in between Carhartt & Edwin Denim. The Denim Section is looking good, either pop instore or visit it here.

Rogue Status winter drop pt 3

2 colour options from the Rogue status All star T, both colours work well, just comes down to personal pereference, and as you know, both priced at £25, get them here.

Rogue Status winter drop pt 2

Heres the 2nd and my fave from the Rogue Status winter drop pt2, getting bored of black T's, need more colour, and this T, does the job rather well, don't you think, and as per the previous post, its only £25, get it here .

Check Yourself!

Hi Guys, back with more pictures. They may look pretty familar as I've been experimenting with the same style using different colours. The paint I used this time was Ironlak (dark grey, light grey and bright green), MTN Hardcore (dark green) and Clash (pink - this was a vintage one, used to belong to my sister!). Above is the first outline, to get the basic shape of the word. Above is the dark grey fill. Above is the Lighter grey fill, blended into the darker grey ( didn't work as well as i planned). Above is the Outline and 3D. Above is the highlight done in a bright green to make the word stand-out. Above is the pink backgroung i added for even more effect. Above is a further away view, i like it as it masks all the imperfections, well to a certain degree. And lastly i attempted a star/flash/Sparkle. So thats another load of pics out the way! I hope you liked it. Still a few things i need to work on but it'll come with time and practise. Thanks for reading, Calum.

Rogue Status Winter drop Pt 1

Here we have the first T from the Rogue Status Winter Drop, reminds me of the FUCT T from a few years ago that we carried, but to be fair, it looks like a lot of other T's aswell, lovely t and the good news is the prices are keen £25 a T, much better price, get it here .

New Graphics & Fashion Books

Got a re-stock of these cool books, both of them sold out the week they arrived, so dont sleep on them, get them here .

Blink 182 Vinyl Toy

Blink-182 has teamed with yet another artist by the name of Acorn to create this limited edition toy bunny. The bunny is 3 inches tall and full of fury. There will also be a 40cm tall version to follow limited to only 250 pieces. Fraser.

Lomo Cameras instore now

The world’s only 35mm camera with a built-in fisheye lens! It sees a sweeping 170-degree view – compacting everything around you into a compact circular image. Get right up to your subject’s nose for slamming distortion effects. Huge depth of field renders both the foreground and background in complete focus. Its premium glass lens offers bright colors and knockout contrast. Rocks a built-in electronic flash for use day or night. Uses normal 35mm film that can be processed anywhere. Features: - Uses normal 35mm film - Regular Film Processing - Reusable - No battery required Included: - 35mm Fisheye Camera with Flash - Unique top quality Fisheye Lens - Very important editorial booklet 'The Fisheye View'- Instructions & Lens Cover Lomo 'Diana+' CameraBlack/Turquoise Shoots gorgeous, soft-focus & dreamlike images on brilliant medium format (120) film. Features: -A loving recreation of the original Diana - the legendary 1960's all-plastic cult camera. -Uses 120

Diamond Supply Co. “Tribute To MJ” Tee

To pays homage to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Diamond Supply Co. has came up with this “Tribute to MJ” tee. It will be available on Wednesday July 1st at Diamond Supply Co.’s online store at 11am pst. Fraser C.

Back to Business

Hi guys! I'm back after a month or two break to focus on exams! I've done a good bit of painting in that time so i have a stack of pictures to get up. I'm going to start off with one of the most recent, and one of my favorites. I was using The old style monsters cans, but have been using Ironlak a lot lately so I'll get some pic of that up soon. Above is the original sketch, It was drawn on the train to work! Above is the Outline, The paint colour was light green and pistachio Above is the fill, The original sketch was pretty bland so i though different coloured letters would Spice it up a little. Above is Another outline and 3D done in forest green, I was down to the dregs of the can so the bottom left is a bit patchy. Above is the highlight done in a light yellow. So that was the first of many too come, i hope you liked it, and remember for all your graffiti supplies and needs Head in store, or go online for quick delivery and great prices. Thanks for