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Nike Dunk Hi Premium

Lovely lil hi-top here , and as usual, its cheap as chips, only £69, sizes 7-11, instore and online here

Illadel, what you think ?????

Illadel, hail from Phillie in the US of A and make inks, not just any old inks, but heavy stainers and HEAVY pigment paints, apparently they are better than Krink. We are considering stocking it in store, what do you think ???????

Ironlak Delayed

Ironlak was due in this week, but they are not the quickest at shipping, to much of that Australian Sun and to much time spending watching Neighbours & Home&Away. Next Friday Ironlak will drop instore and be on sale, sorry guys for the delay, i know a few of you were looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

Second best

Hard to admit being a die-hard Manchester United fan. But last night Barcelona deservedly so lifted the Uefa Champions League trophy again. Hard to take, but these things happen. Fraser.

The Hundreds Summe Range instore

Here we have the Summer 09 collection from the infamous 'The Hundreds', as alsways our best t/shirt brand and the best t/shirts in GLA. For the benefit of Struan, these are in stock today, sizes S-XXL, priced at £30 and will be available online tonight, about 8'ish.

Grog Cutters Coming Soon

Here we have a new product to the Fat Buddha pen range, the GROG 8mm cutters, in a gazillion colours and guaranteed to make you write like somebody that can write. Hoping to have these in stock for the weekend, and hope to see you before then.

So Long, Farewell

Just to let anyone reading here that I've left Fat Buddha and I'll not be blogging here as a result. Thanks for reading my rubbish rants, OTT enthusiasm for stupid stuff and jumbled nonsense over the while I was writing here. You can always get me at . Ciao and thanks, Mark


Get those rings mang Fraser x

Monstercolors Spraypaint

Right, just a lil reminder that the guys at Monstercolors are pretty much 40 colours into the new Monstercolors Premier Range with a few more dropping every month or so. Monstercolors Spraypaint is now lower pressure and not as thick, and will be our premier paint brand instore.

Take off your pants and jacket

Fraser Hoppus


Mishka snapback New Era caps

Mishka are excited to release their Spring 2009 New Era Snapback Caps. Snap backs seem to be the up and coming trend now, and it seemed only natural for New Era to go that route. Each design is a good choice, are available now, so hop to it! YUUUUP! Fraser x

Have Heart world tour

Have Heart going out on a high note with this tour that looks like something Madonna would struggle with. Get familiar. Fraser x

Diamond Supply Co. card holder

Legit Fraser x

Ironlak comes to GLasgow

Here we have Ironlak, the paint specifically designed for painters, reformulated and redone again until its perfect, the leaky valve saga has been fixed and Ironlak is the painters choice. Ironlak is ultra-thick, coverage is great, the guys at Oinkart love it, and they know their stuff, we will be stocking it in the next week, all 63 colors, it will be the cheapest paint we sell and we expect it to be given a warm welcome.

Death Decks

Following on from the recent post about the DEATH wheels, here are some images of some of the Death decks due in, will be available instore & online ASAP.

Tips as pay practice to be banned (about time)

The practice of using tips to make up workers’ pay to the minimum wage level is to be banned from October, the Government has announced. The move follows a long campaign by unions, pushing for greater transparency and clarity for customers in bars and restaurants. The move is expected to benefit thousands of employees in the leisure and hospitality industries. Employment relations minister Pat McFadden said: "When people leave a tip for staff, in a restaurant or anywhere else, they have a right to know that it will not be used to make up the minimum wage. It is also important for employers to have a level playing field on wages."This is a basic issue of fairness. We do not believe employers should be able to use tips meant as a bonus for staff to boost pay levels to the legal minimum."Our consultation showed wide support for these changes, including from business groups, and we are working with them to ensure that consumers get the information they need”. Derek Simpson,

Alessi Watches Coming Soon

Alessi have been one of the brands i wanted to carry from Day 1 when the store opened, its taken 2 and a half years to get them to supply us, but later on this month we will take in our first Delivery of Alessi Watches. As you would expect from the brand that brought you the iconic Starke orange squeezer the watches are great, surprisingly well priced and great movement from Seiko, all designed by some great Alessi Designers. Hopefully this will be the start of some great Alessi products making their way instore and online.

Medicom Series 17 Bearbrick

Bearbricks are cute as and here we have the series 17 Bearbricks from the Guys at Medicom, instore and online as of now.

Death Wheels Coming Instore

Later on this week, sees our first delivery from Death Skateboards, wheels and Decks, priced as usual, low, £22 for the wheels and £40 for the decks