The Apprentice

I don't watch The Apprentice, I can't stand listening to the "business advice" of "Sir" Alan Sugar, a man who made crap computers and had all the demeanour of a used car salesman before the information age fell into his lap. (I think I should have used some more speech marks there, made a crappy "You're fired" joke. That would really have sent ol' Alan crying when he read this.)

Anyway, I caught a bit of this show the other night, which I've never thought was any good. But this had me laughing.

This is a breakfast cereal advert one of the teams came up with. Honestly. Would you honestly buy a cereal from a inflatable pedophile who roams your house shouting about berries and fruit in that annoying tone?

Even better was the 'brainstorming' session where they came up with it.

Pause it at 1:29 and that guy's face is what mine would have been like, but with fists swinging. No, wait, what are you doing? Don't applaud that! Don't applaud that Geordie's David Brent-esque dance about Pantsman! Even the voiceover guy has subtly inflected his tones to raise a verbal eyebrow at how mince your idea is. Stop! You're competing to help out Alan Sugar not..."I think that's verging on being silly now." REALLY? At what point? Was it the bit where he declared "pants are the future?" Or performed what can only be described as an epileptic's version of Night Fever?


Put me in The Apprentice. I'd well run the show. Or probably just intimidate the other contestants till I won.



Fraser said…
amazing tv show. sir alan sugar is a ledge.

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