So Long, Farewell

Just to let anyone reading here that I've left Fat Buddha and I'll not be blogging here as a result. Thanks for reading my rubbish rants, OTT enthusiasm for stupid stuff and jumbled nonsense over the while I was writing here. You can always get me at

Ciao and thanks,



Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
oh no! now we have to put up with frasers blogs!

awwww naaawww!

good luck mark.

ciao bella regazza.

Dek said…
gutted mate you were the soundest cunt in buddha
sad times indeed, but you do need to check out marks site and blog, some of the sharpest writing and always very very funny and on the money.
Duncan McB said…
Good luck, sorry tae see ye go
Anonymous said…
why you leaving
Anonymous said…
frasers the best thing about this frickin blog haha
xCLAIREx said…

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