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Montana GOLD

The perfect tool for creative artists! Our premium product line, MONTANA GOLD, is available in 182 radiant colors – from classic to fluorescent to shock shades – for everything the graphic artist’s heart desires. Easy to handle, almost odorless and with virtually no overspray, it is also drip-free, fast drying and 100% weatherproof, making it fade-free over many years. The GOLD cans accommodate all the MONTANA caps, and with their unique dual pressure system and variable spray widths provide great coverage and endless flexibility and creativity for ultra skinny to ultra fat art. A truly versatile system, for both indoor and outdoor use and suitable for numerous surfaces. Lead and CFC-free. Quality made in Germany that you can count on!

Technical Information

MONTANA GOLD LINE paint has an extremely short drying time and as such, can almost immediately be painted over with any other MONTANA product. This feature, along with the wide range of available colors, makes it the perfect tool for large-scale commission work. The colors display high opacity as well as brilliance and purity (even the so-called "problem" colors!), but deeper colors like purple naturally have higher opacity than clean yellow or shades of orange. Paint mileage can differ depending on the brilliance and purity of the respective shade – a creamy shade will cover much better than a pure, light shade. The variable valve/cap system (G-Valve, see p. xx for more details) provides a very controlled finish.
paint-quality: nitro-combi

Suggested Caps:

extra fine: Level 1, Skinny white/grey, Montana Outline Cap
medium: Level 2 + 3, Skinny black/black, Skinny grey, Montana Outline Cap
extra fat: Level 5, Silver fat cap

Color Chart

number of colors: 182 shades

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