Edwin Denim Guide

Lets face it finding the right pair of denim's can be a nightmare. Denim's that look good on your friend, that guy in the street or in the online images we are bombarded with daily aren't necessary going to look good on you and with so many different styles and options on the market it can be hard to find the right fit for your shape, style, budget and size. Whether your tall or short, slim or larger different cuts won't look the same on different body shapes.

In this guide we will look exclusively at premium Japanese denim imprint Edwin. The brand offer an ideal balance of styles from skinny to loose and from more traditional straight leg cuts to contemporary tapered fits. In each of the shapes we will look at below we stock a range of different washes from your standard indigos up to your premium red, white and rainbow selvage; so there should be a price point to suit your budget.

Here we present a comprehensive guide comparing the different Edwin styles available so you will be able find the perfect fit. While we always recommend trying on denims in person before you make a commitment, where possible, hopefully this guide will give you a good starting point to help you narrow down the style for you as there is nothing worse than going into a store and looking at a wall of denim with no idea where to start.

The model pictured in the images below is 188cm and wears a W32/L32.

Nashville: Straight Leg
The Nashville is a true classic, remaining unchanged for the last twenty years. A traditional straight leg and a high rise, designed to be worn high on the hips. Once an integral part of the Japanese collection, the Edwin Europe team adopted this style when it was discontinued over ten years ago. This denim is suitable for someone looking for a more classic cut.

ED-45: Loose Tapered
The ED-45 is a Loose Tapered fit with a mid-rise, designed to be worn on the hip with a loose thigh and tapered leg.

For those who wear the popular ED-55 the ED-45 can make a welcome change. The taper at the bottom is the same however the cut is looser through the hip. The looser thigh is good for someone with bigger hips or has muscular thighs through exercise/cycling.

ED-47: Regular Straight
The ED-47 is a regular fitting pant with a mid-rise and a straight leg, making it the perfect choice for that everyday, casual look.

ED-55: Relaxed Tapered 
The ED-55 is ours and Edwin's most popular style, a relaxed tapered fit with a mid-rise. Due to its versatility it can be worn in many different ways and suits a wide range of body shapes.

This denim is a good starter denim which is neither too loose or too slim nor too traditional or too contemporary. If you are unsure of what cut you are looking for the ED-55 marks a starting point as you can gauge if you want to go looser or slimmer either at the taper or thighs. You can also ascertain from ED-55 if you suit a straighter or tapered leg. 

ED-80: Slim Tapered 
The ED-80 is a modern slim fit with a slightly tapered leg, making it one of our most popular styles. This denim is slim without being skinny or sprayed on.

ED-85: Slim Tapered 
The latest addition to the 5-pocket denim collection is the ED-85, a slim tapered fit with a low crotch for added comfort.


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