New Graffiti Stickers

Decided to add to our already impressive range of Graffiti Stickers, have these 3 for you, work out at £2 for 20, we seem to go through so many instore, i see them all over Glasgow now.

If you have any ideas for stickers drop me an email


Anonymous said…
Typical of wanky shops like yours to tap into this and add your advertisement to the bottom of the sticker. Shame on anyone who slaps these up.
Anonymous said…
i love the way you put the fatbuddhastore at the bottom, really good idea, i know a guy who's a bit of tool who thinks its wanky, but dont listen to him, hes bent.
struan said…
strange how you call it a wanky shop, yet you have wasted your own time going to the website then going to the blog.

if it is such a (and who says 'wanky' anyway?) wanky shop, why have you come to the blog. for all of us who love fatbudhha i think you should dissapear, and never leave your ugly script hear again.

thank you.


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