Check Yourself!

Hi Guys, back with more pictures. They may look pretty familar as I've been experimenting with the same style using different colours. The paint I used this time was Ironlak (dark grey, light grey and bright green), MTN Hardcore (dark green) and Clash (pink - this was a vintage one, used to belong to my sister!).

Above is the first outline, to get the basic shape of the word.
Above is the dark grey fill.

Above is the Lighter grey fill, blended into the darker grey ( didn't work as well as i planned).

Above is the Outline and 3D.
Above is the highlight done in a bright green to make the word stand-out.

Above is the pink backgroung i added for even more effect.
Above is a further away view, i like it as it masks all the imperfections, well to a certain degree.
And lastly i attempted a star/flash/Sparkle.
So thats another load of pics out the way! I hope you liked it. Still a few things i need to work on but it'll come with time and practise.
Thanks for reading, Calum.


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