Fat Buddha almost never was

Was clearing out folders on an old hard drive and came across his piece of artwork, when we were deciding on the name we were having dinner at a chinese restauant in Houston Texas.

We had been buying vintage clothing for Flip in Dallas Tx, drove to Austin for the weekend and then drove onto Houston where we stopped at the chinese for dinner.

Came up with 2 names, Fat Buddha & Black monk, asked our printer John to come up with 2 logos and we eventually decided on Fat Buddha, so thats the history of where the name came from.
Fat Buddha started life as a T/shirt range in Flip, then called our company Fat buddha when we started distributing Belt Buckles for Silverstar & Rock Rebel.
The store came shortly after and then the website.

Logo without the orange face, at first it was going to be all white, but luckily we went with the orange.


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