Music Monday - Vicious Creatures X Fat Buddha

In this weeks Music Monday we present the boys from Vicious Creatures whom are providing this weeks medley of all things house. Kicking off this Thursday (12th) Vicious Creatures have invited Clockwork to grace the Sub Club's sound system and hold things down for the Life and Death record label, a motley crew of DJ's, Promoters and Musicians each one bringing their own aspect of the party lifestyle to the table.

With the ethos of the Vicious Creatures night brewed on the Sub Clubs own dance floor, the night gives back to the original warmth and passion provided by the Sub Club sound system and serves as an escape from the mundane weekend escapades on show in Glasgow. This Vicious Creatures night see's a combination of resident Dj's Forbes and Lárus add to the night to help boost an already powerful energy.

If this wasn't enough for us this Thursday is the event of choice for this years Christmas party, a night in conjunction with shop friends Safe Hands Barbers in association with Uppercut and the infamous Bier Halle on the drinks side of things. This end of year gathering offers us a chance to look back on the year and a chance for us to thank our loyal customer.

To get you in the party spirit you can have a listen to the talent listed via their Soundcloud pages:

Vicious Creatures:


Safe Hands Barbers can be read about HERE.

And for all other shop activities you can catch us on Instagram with @fatbuddhastore


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