New Brand: Colorful Standard

Essentials should constitute the foundation of your wardrobe and not change from season to season - they should be timeless. Instead of starting from scratch every season you should build upon some premium understated staples.

Enter Danish brand Colorful Standard who have made an art out of essentials. Their range of t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies in a plethora of classic hues are the high quality conscious clean garments around which to base your wardrobe. Made in Portugal from high quality fabrics, such as 100% organic cotton, all their products are expertly coloured using the garment dye technique. They work intensely with all their colours in the line up, making sure that every shade and glow is spot on. As stated all colors are carefully garment dyed into the product to gain an extra lively feeling of the fabric. The colour is added to the style after it's cut and sewn to gain an extra deep and lively feeling to the fabric. Countless of hours and customer feedback has also gone into the development of their products ensuring a perfect fits. On top of that all their products are pre-washed before they leave the factory. This prevents shrinkage when washed and keeps the fit over time.

Unlike so many of the brand's contemporaries they are an ethical brand which is made clear in their mission statement:

All the best...100% Organic cotton to keep your conscious clean,
pre-washed so it doesn't shrink when washed, made in Portugal
under the best conditions and we even donate 5% for a good cause
The brand produce all their products in Portugal and work under the European guidelines for the best practice production and work environment.  They believe in what they do and are proud of the way they work in mark contrast to other clothing manufactures currently on the market. You can even visit the factory and see for your self.
They also donate 5% of their proceedings to charity.

No short cuts, no fancy lingo - just a really good product manufactured from the best materials under the best work environment. This brand ticks all the right boxes and is now available in store and online at Fat Buddha Store. Check out their current lookbook below:


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