New Brand: Mühle

Founded in the Ore Mountains in 1945 by Otto Müller, Mühle have crafted brush making and shaving products to perfection over years of work. Craftsmanship and legacy sit at the heart of Mühle, even as they continue to innovate their range of range of shaving products. The meticulous process of making Mühle brushes takes the time and care of specialist brush makers, with each brush being finished by hand, giving all their products a unique look.

Mühle’s exclusive product range consists of brushes, razors and care products, such as soaps and creams. All Mühle products have nature in mind, using on the best and raw materials throughout their entire product list. Today Mühle is renowned as one of the best shaving companies in the world; with every product they make showing precision German deign and craftsmanship.

Head in to the shop or visit our site online to shop our entire Mühle range.



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