The Perfect Boot Sock: Scott-Nicholl v Red Wing

Choosing the perfect sock to go with your favourite boots for the colder weather can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many brands that seem to offer warmth, comfort and durability. But the two brands that stand out far above the rest are Red Wing and Scott-Nicholl.

Mining, farming and logging have been at the roots of Red Wing for over 110 years, demanding that all of their products stand the test of time.  Field-tested in the toughest of environments, Red Wing builds their products to be durable and never settle for anything other than the best quality. This attention to detail continues in their range of socks, offering a great variety of wool, cotton and acrylic models. Warmth and comfort re the main priority in Red Wing’s range of socks, making them the perfect accompaniment to not only Red Wing’s own range of boots, but any on the market.

If the rugged outdoor look is not for you then the other clear choice is Scott-Nicholl. Made at Pantherella’s factory in Leicester, Scott-Nichol pride themselves on making the finest English socks on the market, using a higher gauge of knit creating a versatile leisure sock for any condition. Like Red Wing, Scott-Nichol also offer a selection of wool and cotton sock options offering customers warmth, breathability and longevity.

If you are on the market for a boot sock this winter we have you covered at Fat Buddha, offering a full range of both Red Wing and Scott-Nichol socks. Head in to the shop to see our range or visit our website.


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