Harley-Davidson Electric Bike Future Concepts

Who doesn't like to dream of spending a bit of cash on something pretty cool and to be fair a wee thing of beauty.  Harley Davidson have been teasing us with these images of some 'Concept' (Yes, that means you can't buy them, they are just ideas at this point) electric bikes.

Brands like Harley, Kodak, Polaroid, Blackberry & Blockbuster can own marketplaces only to lose the market when they don't embrace technology changes and changes in design and usage.

Now, we hope that Harley Davidson can follow through with these ideas and start to become a bit more relevant to a younger generation of bikers who normally wouldn't even look at the brand.

If you want to see the full range of Concept Electric Bikes.

If you like bikes and this lifestyle, then you should check out the 'Clothing range from Deus Ex Machina'.

If you like a bit of insight into Harley-Davidson and an ideas of where they are at tand where they have been then check our the 'Video on Harley-Davidson from the Biz Doc'. 


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