Montana - New Rust Effect Spray

The delight of seeing rust on metals can be appreciated in many forms. Whether it be a metal sculpture standing proudly in the great outdoors, a rusty bike full of potential in a heap of junk, rare cars in country barns, or aged building materials (such as pipes and grooves) that tell a story the rest of the building can’t. With the new Montana RUST EFFECT Spray 400ml, you too can create your own unique rust illusion on many surfaces! 

The medium-pressure output combined with the Standard Round (female nozzle) allows users to create the effect of time, wear-and-tear, oxidization, and deterioration normally caused by the elements. Even on new materials! The Nitro-combi paint base enables fast-drying and can be overpainted with other coatings once dry and cured. Perfect for object art and DIY projects!

Available in the colours Orange Brown ER8000 and Brown ER8100, create effortless aged icons on many pre-primed surfaces such as concrete, stone, metal, wood, walls, hard plastics, primed cardboard, and polystyrene. Pre-priming with Montana Polystyrene Primer, Plastic PRIMER, or Universal PRIMER where applicable is required.


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