New Montana Gold Colour - Fluorescent Active Cyan F6200

Ever since the introduction of the new Montana GOLD Fluorescent color F6200 Active Cyan, there have been many artists wanting to get their hands on it to give it a go. Wondering what the Active Cyan can do both in natural light, and in darkness under UV light. A test run of a different sort.

One of those keen artists that Montana knew would give the Active Cyan a real workout was German artist Horst. Known for several periods in his creative process where he used only the color black for outlines and details to single colored pieces, we had the feeling that Horst was not only going to highlight the outstanding properties of the Montana GOLD Fluorescent line but also make some graffiti style writing innovations at the same time. 

In what appeared to be a tranquil unused industrial space, the adventure started with nothing more than a white wall and multiple cans of Active Cyan. A single color fill-in meant there was nowhere to hide, both for the quality of the product which passed the tests, and the quality of the design, which raised the style bar even further. Thick coverage and a dynamic color pop that you were second to none. Complimented only by a little use of the Montana MARBLE 400ml spray in the colour white, when the Montana BLACK black outlines and details went on, the artwork well and truly came to life.

The finished piece was yet another lesson in style for the viewers and a reminder of how practical and impressive the Montana GOLD Fluorescent range really is. However, the next level was achieved in the dark when the UV light was turned on. From one moment to the next, the piece jumped from one vibration to another. From awesome to amazing, from natural to glowing. A viewing experience that is above and beyond that of normal spray can use, Horst has well and truly managed to integrate Active Cyan F6200 into the now 8 colors deep Montana GOLD Fluorescent colour range.

The Montana Gold Active Cyan is available in store now and online shortly.  


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