Cotopaxi - Brand Profile

 Coto what...? Cotopaxi! In reality, it said like its written. The godfather of the name of the sustainable company from Salt Lake City was once a volcano in tha Andres.

We introduce the environmentally friendly company that creates vibrant outdoor necessities from leftover fabric and strives to improve the world a little? How? Let me tell you...

The foundation of the brand's business strategy is giving. To charitable partners, which include global sposors like The International Rescue Commitee (IRC) and Mercy Corps, 1 percent of sales (or sometimes even more than 1% of earnigns) is given. However, the personell who operate the production facilities also run programmes and scholarships that help others who work there ''behind the scenes''. Corporation, adheres to independent ethical, social, and sustainable criteria and conducts each stage of production chain as ethcally and sustainably as feasible.

The fundamental principle of founder David Smith can be summed up as: doing good and outdoor clothes not simply to use outdoor to have adventures: whether climbing, hiking, or touring. Being from Ecuador, the company's name is also influecned by South America, simial to the desire to actively fight povertty atound the world, espeically in producting nations.

It's colourful, its fun, its unique. Cotopaxi gather leftover fabric from other companies that would otehrwise end yp in a landfill, from these colours are chosen from what they have availible making every pack unique and custom made.

Additionally, the usage of fabric scraps does not imply that the quality or usefeulness of tehse farbics has beem compromised. Instead. it refers to products that are purposefully coloruful and which, through careful application and processing, conserve resouces in the manufacture of Cotopaxi, and the brand while giving them a unique character. 

Availible now in the store and online.


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