Pasta Del Capitano 1905 - Brand Profile

The first toothpaste introduced in Italy in 1905 was Pasta del Capitano Original Recipe.
It quickly gained notoriety for its distinctive flavour, which combines carnation, spearmint, and cinnamon leaves to give users a clean breath and a self-assured smile. 

The reason this toothpaste became an instant hit in 1905 was its paste- like consistency. Until the beginning of the 20th century, teeth were brushed with tooth powder which was not always convenient in practice. 

These toothpastes gain from the addition of organic mint and Sulfetal Zn, a zinc-based formula that delays plaque and tartar formation, inhibits microbial growth, and aids in the prevention of bad breath.

The tubes are made with PBL, are entirely recyclable, and contain no aluminum.

Excited to share that we now stock Pasta Del Capitano toothpaste, toothbrushes and chewing gum in store and on-line!


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