Get ready for winter with Fjallraven


Get ready for winter with Fjallraven

 With the upcoming months of November, December, Jan.... well all of them, we want to stay toasty, and Fjallraven can provide that with their range of warm sweatshirts, outerwear, and accessories for both women and men.



What is it about Fjallraven? They are well known for their family of kankens backpacks and accessories but today I want to introduce you into their newest outwear. Fjallraven has been walking with nature for over 50 years, creating timeless durable jackets that make any outdoor or trekking experience great.


Despite the fact that synthetic padding typically prevails in cold and wet weather, down is an excellent insulation material. You'll find two types of synthetic padding in the jackets below, G Loft Supreme Micro loft; both will keep you toasty.

Since it's officially hat season as well, we can offer you plenty of hats from our store, pom pom? no pom pom? we've got you covered!

Here at Fat Buddha Store we stock anything from clothing to accessories.


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