Wired In

I have a confession to make. I am an addict.

But unlikely those trapped in the grip of the tangy more-ishness of barbituate based product, I'm fixated on a TV screen several times a week.

I am addicted to HBO's The Wire.

It is a TV show that began around 8 years ago and yet it's only now that people like me are catching up to the fact it's the pinacle of television. And that's nice that TV, now truly in its demise as a medium, has finally reached something close to art.

Set in Baltimore, The Wire is five sesons of drama about those involved in crime and the police. Each season examines it from a different angle-schools, shipping, the press, the streets. The dialogue is not only incredibly realistic but the show isn't afraid to use full on slang that to many unfamiliar will be totlaly impenatrable. Charlie Brooker called it "the best show in the last 25 years" and "a show about the decline of the American empire." Anything that's described like that has to be worth a look.

My favourite character? Omar. Drug dealer robbing sociopathic gay man with a very pecuilar moral code and a penchant for phrases I thought only I used. (Customers in the shop will be familiar with the amount I say "Indeed" or "Pray Tell" and other ridiculous things.

Give it a look. You won't be disappointed.

Till next week,



Anonymous said…
The Wire is the best tv show ever.

Anonymous said…
yoooooo, mark its like we're in parallel worlds, i been watching the wire alll week, my dude hooked me up with season 1 and 2...
no denying Omar's the man!!

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