Interesting Building No2.

Walk past this building most days on way to work and its kinda one of my favourite buildings, always been a fan of Alexander Greek Thomsons stuff, mone classical civilisation at uni and always like greek architecture.

Heres a snippet from an article in the telegraph, read the full thing here.
Tall, brooding, purposeless, a magnificent ruin for years - but that's enough about me. Today's building is what is left of the Caledonia Road United Presbyterian church in the Gorbals district of Glasgow, designed by Alexander "Greek" Thomson in the 1850s. "Greek" referred to his architectural preferences rather than his private life - he was an elder of the church, and a square-jawed paragon of Scots rectitude who thought arches were decadent.
Thomson belonged to a generation of designers across Europe who rejected the stark lucidity of Enlightenment classicism in favour of an informal, romantic and wildly eclectic style in which the prototypes of ancient Greece were spiced up with references to Hellenistic, Egyptian, Persian, Romanesque and even Hindu architecture ("Hindon't, I say," quipped Edwin Lutyens half a century later).
Thomson was in the right place at the right time: the pinnacle of Glasgow's commercial prosperity, a council determined to plan and regulate the booming city, a schismatic church looking to assert its identity with novel architectural forms. He built pretty villas for rich suburbanites, long terraces in the West End, grandiose commercial developments in the city centre and three fabulous, bizarre churches, only one of which still stands intact, glowering over the Clyde in St Vincent Street.


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