We never used to sell Respirators, until a few customers asked for them, got a few in and sold a few, got lots in and sold lots, and so on.

Now we decided to up the range and increase it by 4, the above one is a dullion, indeed it is.
£1 for the disposable baby up to £14 for the beast


Anonymous said…
I believe I was one of the customers who asked!

My health hasn't been affected by paint fumes yet, but I realise that its a matter of time unless i take steps to avoid the inevitable. Iz the Wiz suffered kindey damage from paint fumes. No thanks.

Im curious though, does the £1 mask give good protection? And does the £14 mask need replacing often, or can you buy new filters for it?

I don't want to spend loads on these things, but at the same time, I can't afford not to.
pluto said…
fake ass graphstore!
The £1 isactually ok, the £14 is guaranteed for 28 days continuous use, so thats a fair old bit.

Pluto my man, its graff store, graph is used for graphics design & graphics, where-as graff is for graffiti.
But were still here.
pluto said…
hahah! damn, my poor attmept at being a idiot never seemed to go to plan.

i was just kidding. it was a remark made about the shop once, quite a funny story actually. ask leslie.


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