KISS - Sonic Boom - Yes, there is a god

Is it Xmas, did i save a child from a burning building or help old ladies across the road, none of the above, but for some strange reason, the big man answered my prayers and gave me a new KISS album, not only that he gave me a good KISS album.

Many of you nay sayers will argue the use of the word KISS and good in the same sentence but i've even converted young Calum in store over to KISS, only to find out i went to my first KISS concert before he was born, man am i that old.

This is a great album, sounding like the old band and being new material, great stuff, but currently in my 'Dressed to Kill' mode just now, its on the play list every day in store just now, and digging 'Lick it Up' again.



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