Music Monday - Pusha T, Trey Songz, Tyler The Creator

This Monday we have Trey Songz surprise Mixtape with DJ Drama, a short video from Pusha T to coincide with his December 18 mixtape and the interview with Odd Future alumni Tyler The Creator. 
 Trey Songz with DJ Drama - Mixtape
Trey Songz has dropped an early Christmas present in the form of a mixtape with DJ Drama titled To Whom It May Concern. The 12 track mixtape features a raft of talent including DJ Mustard, KE On The Track and DJ Chose, along with many more. Head over to Hypebeast here to check it out.

Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn (Short Film) 
Last week Pusha T announced Darkest Before Dawn – the prelude mixtape to his highly-anticipated second solo album King Push which will release on December 18. To coincide with this he has dropped the trailer below directed by Kid Art and starring Rotimi. Check out the trailer below before the film is shown at Miami's Art Basel.

Tyler The Creator - Interview  
Prolific rapper, producer and designer Tyler, The Creator spoke to PUSS PUSS magazine about skating, music and cats. Check out excerpts from the interview below and read the full piece in Issue 3 of PUSS PUSS.
How good of a skater are you?
I fucking suck! But when I was skating a lot my favorite trick was a fake half cab heel — that was my go-to trick. I could just do it back to back no problem, but now I fucking can’t. But hey, we skate the mini ramp [at my house] now so that’s cool.
What’s your favourite skate video?
Yeah Right by GirlTeam Ice Cream vol 1 by Ice Cream and Illegal 2 is really cool.
Who are your favorite skaters?

Eric Koston was one of my favorites and forever will be. Right now, the Fucking Awesome team is really killing it. I’ve kind of known those guys for a while so Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sage Elsesser and Sean Pablo’s a beast! It’s really cool to see those dudes getting to a bigger realm. I’m very proud of them.
What’s your favorite Vans shoe?
I wear Old Skools 24/7.
What music have you been listening to lately?
I really like The Weeknd’s song, “Tell Your Friends.” That song is so fucking great, I really like it. Also this song by Eternity’s Children called “I Wanna Be With You,” that shit’s really good, it’s like an old 60’s song, it’s really great I love it.
So what else do you do for fun? We heard a rumour you used to whisper mean stuff to kids when their folks weren’t looking, do you do that to animals too?
I like animals they’re cool, but talking to animals like regular people is so fucking funny.
You seemed to have fun with the cats on our shoot, what did you say to them?
Well I didn’t say much to those, I remember meeting some animals and joking round saying stuff like “Hey man, I got some drugs, you wanna smoke?” retarded stuff like that it’s funny.
You recently took a photo of Pharrell and Kanye. Tell us about that.

There’s not that many photos of those two. There’s one photo in Japan at the Ice Cream store opening, a couple of other photos of them floating around too but seeing that photo [of them] in 2015, it’s like they’re still chewing it and they’re still friends. It meant something to me. It’s like no matter what I’ll be, I guess I’ll always be creating, I’ll always try to do that at an awesome level. So seeing those two try to do that, I mean I look up to them so much and they know they’re fucking gods. I love that photo, it’s cool.


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