New Brand: Brixton

The latests brand to enter the fold at Fat Buddha Store is lifestyle brand Brixton. Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Created in 2004, the timeless and clean design of the Brixton collection is hard to duplicate and comes in a variety of styles that appeal to the individual in a modern yet traditional way. Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing the customer a high quality and limited product that they'll want to hold onto forever.

Founded in California the influences in the local Skateboard, Surf and Music cultures are evident. Signature American work wear cuts and sportswear silhouettes can also be found throughout. In place of a traditional design team Brixton Clothing has a ‘Union’, a group of ambassadors that encompasses skateboarding, music and surfing. Some of their skateboard ambassadors include Brad Cromer, Jason Jessee, Kenny Anderson and the UK’s own Dom Henry. 

Our first season with the brand coincides with a new line of limited-edition products designed in collaboration with Brixton ambassadors Brad Cromer, Christian Maalouf and Dolan Stearns. The brand's amassadors have always been a major source of inspiraiton and now we're excited to bring their design ideas to life. 

Here at Fat Buddha Store we will be taking a select range of t-shirts, hoodies and of course  the brand's signature hats. Shop in store and online now at Fat Buddha Store.


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