Eco & Ethics Spotlight - Laboratory Perfumes

Sustainable fashion has become a hot topic of late with brands and companies being increasingly scrutinised for their social and environmental policies. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in knowing the truth behind their clothes and are a lot more conscious than in the previous fast fashion era. With this is mind here at Fat Buddha Store we present the first of our 'Eco & Ethics Spotlight' looking at some of our favourite brands who are working towards sustainability, transparency and ethical working practises.
The first brand we are looking at is one of our most popular grooming brands; Laboratory Perfumes. At Laboratory Perfumes, they try to look after the world. After all, it’s where both the inspiration and the ingredients for their fragrances come from. All their practises and perfumes are formed in accordance with the same Hippocratic principle underpinning modern medicine: ‘first, do no harm’.

All their scents and candles are made in the UK using socially conscious, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. They don’t test on animals and their scents are created in their lab using essential and fragrant oils.  All of them are skin-kind and free from parabens (Gorse does contain a small amount of phthalates & preservatives which are required to stabilise the citrus oils).
Lastly, all of their products are full compliant with the International Fragrance Association Standards.
Laboratory Perfumes fragrances are made with non-animal-derived ingredients and therefore vegan, and our scented candles are made with paraffin wax – with the exception of Atlas (their lab tests showed that this particular fragrance has to be infused into beeswax in order to preserve the integrity of the scent).

Laboratory Perfumes demand the same ethical and environmental standards of everyone their work with – our supply chain is small, transparent, located entirely within the UK and fully adherent to ISO 9000: 2008. All glass, card and paper used in Laboratory Perfumes packaging is sustainably sourced and widely recycled.

Finally, Laboratory Perfumes fragrances are intended to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.


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