Eco & Ethics Spotlight - Colorful Standard

In our latest Eco and Ethics spotlight we look at one of the most forward thinking brands; Colorful Standard.

Sustainability can be quite a mouthful. It is a concept that tends to be made more complicated than it should. To Colorful Standard, being sustainable means taking simple, smaller actions that can generate impact both in the short-term and the long-term. From the materials that they use to the way their dear workers are treated they make it their mission to be as fair and ethical as possible.

Ultimately, their goal is for their customers to buy less but buy better products that they will carry on wearing (and loving) for years, and even decades to come. These are some of the ways in which they carry out a more sustainable production. These steps are simple yet significant.

All their garments are made from 100% Organic Cotton, which means cotton that is grown without genetically modified seeds. All their accessories are made from 100% Italian Extra Fine Merino Wool. 
All their garments are made in Portugal by a team of skilled hardworking individuals they have now known for years and have built a close relationship with. That is the way they wanted to build a team when they started this venture.
They work under the European Union Labour Law, which focuses on fair employment conditions and informing and consulting workers. They work transparently. If you would like to see how they work and the hands behind their colorful pieces the factories are open for visits at any time.

They reduce the carbon footprints of their pieces by eliminating any unnecessary stops along the process, this means no middlemen, no layovers and no warehouses in between.

They are compulsively detail-oriented. They make sure every single stitch, seam and hem is painstakingly checked and revised multiple times before a garment makes it out of the factory and into the wardrobes of the world.


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